One of the most hellish things I have to deal with as department head is the issue of absences. Government employees accumulate leave days (or leaves) like the grill of your car accumulates bugs. And because of this, it is widely believed that being absent (or, euphemistically, taking a leave) is a privilege. About the only acknowledged control over that privilege is the exigency of the service – covering several circumstances all of which boil down to ‘there’s something that needs to be done RIGHT AWAY.’

Nevertheless, I may agree that being absent is a privilege, but I know that there is a limit to how many times a privilege ought to be exercised, and how often. Especially when viewing the situation through the prism of management. I really just have to find a way to articulate this gut feeling better.

Unfortunately, with things getting crazier by the day, I worry that I might not end up forgetting that this is something I need to do. Hope this blog reminds me.


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