Hey Joe, whaddaya know?

I spoke to JoeCon today (how cool is that?) and we talked about this whole problem with registration. Like most everyone, he buys into this fiction being peddled by last-minute registrants that they didn’t know about registration. I kept most of my snarky comments to mesself, out of deference to his obvious passion. Anyone else would have received an earful.

Anyway, the reason he dropped by was to inform me – as Director of the COMELEC’s public information office (actually we call it the EID, but people seem to get it quicker when I say PIO) – that Namfrel needed registration information materials. I was all glad to give him what we had since our production of infomaterials has tapered off lately due to the scarcity of resources.

He also informed me that he’d spoken to Senator Gordon and Rep. Locsin about drafting a bill that would allow the COMELEC to extend the period for voter registration for the 2007 polls; and the two seem to have agreed. That’s wonderful but I have to wonder whether it’ll do much good. I mean, if we’re opting out of an automation pilot test with five months to go before elections, then we’re absolutely not gonna hold our breath for a law that will postpone a deadline that is only 3 days away. Seriously.

Of course, I kept that snarky comment to myself as well. Besides, when he speaks, it’s kinda difficult to hold on to one’s contrariness.
All told, I’m glad I got the chance to speak with him personally. He is after all, the epitome of what the rest of us have in short supply, a well-developed sense of civic responsibility.


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