Learning to deal

When will people start taking responsibility for their actions?

For almost two years, first-time voters have been whining and griping about politicians, beating their chests about how they’re gonna chase politicians out of office in 2007, and making all the right noises about how important it is to exercise the right of suffrage. And yet, for all of that, many of them wait until the very last week to register.

And now they say they’re surprised at how long the queues are, and frustrated with the pace of registration. Makes you want to scream really.

First of all, they wouldn’t have to suffer the long queues if only they had gotten off their lazy behinds and registered sooner. I mean, fair is fair.  Late registrants can’t be blaming the COMELEC now when it was they who made the decision to delay listing up. If the attitude taken by first-time voters toward voter registration were applied to school enrollment, the streets would be littered with out-of-school youths.

Second, a slower pace of processing is the price you pay for thoroughness. People – politicians especially – can’t possibly expect the COMELEC to just let applicants zip past them without a thorough review of their bona fides and their application forms. That would unnecessarily compromise the layers of security we’ve built in to prevent the pollution of our lists of voters. Just like in an airport: you may not be carrying a bomb but you still have to take your shoes off, man. And if that security procedure slows you down, DEAL WITH IT.


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