Happy New Year

The fireworks started early, around 10:00 by my watch, and has been going on in waves every twenty minutes or so. I wonder if people will have anything left for when the clock actually strikes 12. But then again, they always do, so I suppose there’s no danger of a quiet new year.

As I sit here and type this – yes, yes, I know. I must not have much of a life if I’m typing in my blog on new year’s eve – I can’t help but think that all this ringing out the old and ringing in the new coincides with the end of the registration period for new voters. Several million more people are entering 2007, looking forward to being able to exercise their right to say who should lead our nation for the next three years. That’s got to be the most blatant expression of optimism ever. I mean, of course alot of those voters are going into this election year with revenge on their minds – electoral revenge on the pols they hate anyway – but still, it is kind of impressive that people haven’t really given up on elections (irony, anyone?).

And that’s the biggest challenge for the COMELEC, I think: not to disappoint those people. It’s a big job, no doubt about it. Bigger even than keeping new year’s resolutions.

Happy new year to everyone.



3 Responses

  1. in the words of tim gun (on project runway, a reality tv show), make it work! that is the comelec’s mandate before, during and after election day. i feel better knowing they have dedicated people like you. unfortunately, what a lot of people still remember when they think of Comelec is a man named Garci.

  2. Your New Year blog entry reminded me of “V for Vendetta”. Given the context of your blogs, and the general feelings of the voting public, I caught myself not knowing what to say. Should I be sad, amused, hysterical with laughter, or what?

    Sometimes, the desire to understand is far less intelligent than the ability to comprehend.

  3. Oopps. Spelling mistake there. What I meant to say in the last sentence was really:

    “Sometimes, the desire to understand is far less intelligent than the INability to comprehend.”

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