NoliCha just gave me a copy of Harold Augenbraum’s translation of Noli Me Tangere; the same book that made all the headlines last December 31 (surprisingly). She laughed, as she gave it to me, and said that I would finally understand what the Noli was all about.

To be very frank, I was put off the Noli by a teacher in my freshman year of college. Remember that part of the Noli where Padre Damaso is given a bowl of chicken tinola that only had a chicken wing and neck in it? Yeah. Well, my Rizal teacher insisted that that meant that Ibarra (or Rizal) was sending Damaso (or the Friars) the message that “if you don’t fly (the wing) out of here, I will slit your throat (the neck).”

Now, I don’t know why that folksy interpretation grated on me, but it did. As a result, I skimmed the Noli and learned only enough from it to pass the Rizal course. Much to my regret, of course.

In any case, with this new volume – and in English – I hope to undo some of the damage done to me by that teacher. Who knows? I might even come to agree with his wing-and-neck theory. But I doubt it.


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  1. I remember that you were more interested in the lost Scrolls of the Dead Sea… about those stuff that was supposed to be part of the Holy Bible but were stricken out by the Church. You were telling me all that while we hanged around in Bamboo of UST. πŸ™‚ And if I remember correctly, another book called the Holy Blood & The Holy Grail. Oh yeah, and there was RPG too. So yeah, I can see why Noli Me Tangere was lower on your to-read list πŸ˜‰

    Guess what? I have preserved the Lord Alfred Tennyson book of yours throughout the years! A feat considering I’ve moved 4 times in 3 countries all these times! πŸ™‚

  2. Good to hear from you again Drexx! And speaking of all that conspiracy theory mind-sludge, Rizal was a Mason too. And Masons are intimately connected to – some say descended – from the Knights Templar. And the Templars were supposedly the keepers of the secret of the Temple of Solomon; and that secret is supposedly that Christ had children who were of Holy Blood, by Mary Magdalen who has been romanticized by a whole slew of medieval writers (and new age revisionists)as the Holy Grail.

    So you see, I didn’t really waste all that time I spent in college. Hahaha.

    Oh, and I was just talking to my bookshelf about that verrry early edition of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Seems his neighbor, Lord Byron has been missing that old bugger.

    Where you at now, my man? And how many kids have you got. Let me know, ok? E-mail me at jjimenez1010 at gmail dot com.

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