I’ve taken to using this word a lot, to describe the last coupla’ days. Bisperas ng Election Period. It helps to express the sense of urgency permeating the office as January 14 draws closer.

It also helps get me out of wombats (WOMBATs, aside from being little furry creatures, are activities that are a Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time), like … well, I’d better not say.

Anyway, it is true. We are at the eve of the election period, and the first major event is the filing of certificates of candidacy.  The appropriate forms are available at COMELEC offices and downloadable from the COMELEC website. It’ll be available on the EID network soon too.

And FYI, by January 14, the actual start of the election period, the Gun Ban kicks in, and the following acts will be prohibited:

  • Alteraton of territory of a precinct, or the establishment of a new one;
  • Suspension of elective local officials;
  • Transfer of officers and employees in the Civil Service
  • Organization or maintenance of reaction forces, strike forces, or other similar forces (think private armies); and
  • The use of security personnel or bodyguards by candidates, whther or not such bodyguards are regular members of the AFP or PNP or other law enforcement agency.

Got that? So now, achtung, baby.


2 Responses

  1. Then Jan 14 is the real Bisperas, when the Gun Ban kicks in. I just wonder, how hard is it to get a permit from COMELEC, even just to renew a Permit-To-Carry ? And how many are expected to be issued this time around? It can’t be zero…

  2. Its not difficult to get an exemption. But we don’t grant exemptions to private citizens, only those specifically allowed by the law.

    I don’t think PTC’s can be renewed because even if they are, they would be useless without an exemption from the COMELEC. During the election period, all authorizations and gun licenses are suspended.

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