Info on Filing COCs

Information Sheet:
Filing of Certificates of Candidacy (COC)


Period of filing certificates of candidacy (COC)

1. Senator: 15 January 2007 – 12 February 2007
2. Local Positions, (incl. House of Representatives): 15 January 2007 – 29 March 2007

The COC shall be filed personally, or by an authorized representative. The authority of the representative should be in writing and under oath, and should be attached to the COC

Where to file certificates of candidacy (COCs shall be filed in 5 copies)

  1. Senator – Law Department
  2. Member, House of Representatives, NCR – Regional Election Director, NCR
  3. Member, House of Representatives, Provinces – Provincial Election Supervisor
  4. Provincial Officials – Provincial Election Supervisor
  5. Member, House of Representatives, for legislative districts outside the NCR, which comprise two or more legislative districts – City Election Officer, as designated by RED
  6. City Officials – City Election Officer
  7. City / Municipal Officials – City / Municipal Election Officer

COCs filed in the wrong place will be not be considered filed.

If he desires, the candidate may attach two copies of a statement which, in not more than a hundred words, contains his bio-data and his program of government.

Effect of filing of COC

  1. Any person holding a public appointive office shall be deemed automatically resigned
  2. Active members of the armed forces shall be deemed automatically resigned
  3. Active officers and employees in Government owned or controlled corporations (GOCC’s) shall also be deemed automatically resigned
  4. All publicity materials (of all descriptions) released prior to his filing of his COC shall be taken down or removed or discontinued by the candidate, within 3 days

Filing Procedure

  1. Receiving officer receives the Certificate of Candidacy in 5 copies
  2. The receiving officer stamps every copy with date and time of receipt, and signs it
  3. The receiving officer records – in a log book – the following data:
    • Date and time of the receipt of the COCs
    • Assigned consecutive number thereof
    • Full name of the candidate
    • The candidate’s political party, or the political party which nominated him
    • The number of copies actually received
    • The name of the receiving officer
  4. After 12 midnight of the last day for filing, the logbook shall be closed by drawing a line across the log, immediately after the last entry, and writing the word “CLOSED.” The receiving officer shall then sign his name and indicate the exact time and date of the closing.

Watchers are welcome as long as they do not disturb the proceedings. Watchers may report any irregularity to the Commission – in writing.

Petitions to deny due course to, or cancel a certificate of candidacy

  1. Must be a verified petition
  2. Must be filed within 5 days from the last day of filing COCs but not more than 25 days after the filing of the COC being challenged
  3. Only ground available: misrepresentation on the contents of the COC

A disqualified candidate cannot be voted for, and votes cast in his favor WILL NOT be counted.

Candidates may be declared nuisances, and their COCs denied due course or canceled, if it is shown that:

  1. Their COC has been filed to put the election process in mockery or disrepute;
  2. Their COC has been filed to cause confusion among voters by the similarity of their names to those of other candidates;
  3. The candidate has no real intention to run for office

Petitions to declare a candidate a nuisance have to be verified and must be filed within 5 days from the last day of filing COCs

The COMELEC may, on its own, declare a candidate a nuisance


For more information, visit the official COMELEC website; the EID blog; or email us at ask [dot] comelec [dot] eid [at] gmail [dot] com.

You may also call: 525-9294; 525-9302; 525-9345; 525-9346


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  1. One would think that all these paperwork would be enough to discourage people to become politicians! I must be missing something here…

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