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A totally unexpected wrinkle – unexpected by me, at least – emerged from the Advisory Council meeting today. Or should I say “the meeting of people who would be on the Advisory Council if there were an Advisory Council and if these people are actually nominated by the agencies they each represent.”

You see, the AES law contains the provision that it will come into effect “15 days after” it has been published in a newspaper of general circulation. The publication date was January 26, and 15 days after that falls somewhere in the second or third week of February. Until that date (10Feb???) , RA9369 isn’t in effect yet, and the new Advisory Council it creates doesn’t yet have any legal legs to stand on.

Meaning:  there is, effectively, no AC yet. And there being no AC, no recommendation can be made as to whether there is any time left to automate.  And there’s the irony. We have to wait another week for the law to actually kick in, and (even assuming that the AC is primed and ready to go on the first minute of the first hour of the law’s effectivity, which it won’t be) by then we will have even less time to automate than we do now.


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