From Singapore

From Singapore, I got the sense that the local Filipino community there is eager for the implementation of internet voting. Over the weekend, Commissioner Florentino A. Tuason Jr., met with community leaders there and discussed the possibility of conducting voting over the internet. The meeting was packed with Filipinos working in the IT industry and their questions showed a deep deliberation of the pros and cons, as well as a an honest assessment of where the whole thing can go wrong. The meeting lasted for almost two hours, most of the time consumed during a question and answer session where the pinoy IT professionals raised scenario after scenario where the system could go wrong or be compromised. Tuason and his team responded to all queries frankly and in the end, the IT pros were content.

But it wasn’t all IT either. There were representatives from other groups, like the Batangas Varsitarians who gave assurances that they would assist the education drive – a kind of bayanihan effort that mobilizes those in the community with the savvy to assist those without.

Good vibes all around. Let see what happens next.


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