What I hate about elections

I love elections. I love the idea that people get the chance to actually say who they want to lead them, and I love all the noise and the hurry that seems to accompany everything, downtown or uptown.

What I don’t like about elections is how politicians and their partisans seem to believe that it’s okay to spook people in to believing that the fix is on. Truth be told, these people are, I think, simply laying the foundation for later on claiming that they were cheated; kinda’ like a criminal acting loony upon being captured so he can eventually use the insanity defense.

It’s a whole boatload of dishonesty, if you ask me. And apparently, these people don’t care if they totally bring down the institution of the COMELEC in the process. Take this supposed 4 million overprinting of ballots for instance.

Abalos is taken out of context and suddenly the fix is on. How stupid is that? Even assuming that there were plans to fix the elections, would Abalos be so moronic as to announce that he was preparing extra ballots for cheating? And would he really be dumb enough to assume that the public will buy any excuse he could possibly make for printing those extra ballots? People who dislike him say he’s a wily man – and yet they’re telling people that he was stupid enough to telegraph the intention to rig the polls?


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If Abalos had in deed said that (I myself was misquoted by Malaya when it implied that I admitted Abalos actually said 49 million. I said “IF” he said that. The reporter knows I said IF, but somehow, that didn’t end up in his article), then he was referring to an old estimate. He was, therefore, applying the 1:1 formula to the estimate. 49 million voters, at a ratio of 1:1 yields 49 million ballots. However, since the estimate has since been adjusted downwards to about 45 million, using the same 1:1 formula would yield 45 million ballots (hence the alleged 4 million excess).  Theoretically, if you revised the number of voters to 5, then we would print only 5 ballots.

The bottom line is that Abalos – if indeed he said 49 million – was using the 1:1 formula, not citing a final figure.

And then there’s Executive Director Joson. Unfortunately, the media pounced on his statement too, that he was surprised at the Chairman’s declaration. But then again, I was also initially surprised when the matter was brought to my attention. But that didn’t mean anything, did it? Just like Bush having his photo snapped while holding a book upside down doesn’t mean he’s too dumb to tell the difference.  It only means that Director Joson’s reaction was a momentary thing, given permanent life because it was captured by a bunch of reporters.

Unfortunately, this was seen as a perfect opportunity to set these two poll officials against each other – well, not literally, but at least to set one up as a foil to the other, thereby creating the appearance of fraud in the making. Really transparent if you were willing to look at the situation objectively. But the partisans have no such intentions.

As a result, you see the spectacle of an editor of a national newspaper ranting about how terrible it is to be printing extra ballots; a supposedly intelligent political analyst seeing the Palace’s hand in a bid to rig the polls; and Malacanang supposedly distancing itself from the COMELEC …

It’s enough to make you want to give up.

But I won’t.  I love elections too damned much.


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