The smouldering ruins

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that the COMELEC building has been around for a hundred years. I don’t know the exact date of the building, but it’s easily older than I am, I should think, with its thick walls and creaky floors. But today, it doesn’t really matter how old the building is because, starting today, it won’t get any older.

COMELEC Main Building

???? – 2007


5 Responses

  1. […] spokesperson James Jimenez also found time to blog and take videos of the burn down […]

  2. I hope you all burn in hell, if not for arson then for gross criminal negligence.

  3. Wow, dean. Is that what you say to all fire victims?

  4. James,
    I don’t believe in watchdogs like Namfrel, PPCRV, etc. They chip away at the people’s faith in democracy and elections.

    In the long run, it is Comelec that must have the people’s trust and confidence, NOT the watchdogs, who can only succeed in making you folks look bad, no matter what.

    But more than the fire itself, which bespeaks of negligence was the attitude of Abalos and to some extent your own in its fiery aftermath: diffidence and acceptance of the people’s verdict that you folks are derelict in your duties and indifferent to people’s disdain and distrust.

    I am still hoping you will be different that you will tap into vast reservoir of the people’s desire for a respectable agency that cares about its awesome responsibilities and does not merely shrug its shoulders at such tragedies for our polity and our future.

    You may as well quit the agency if you won’t act up and decry the shamelessness of the en banc when its chairman says, “No harm done.”

    That single statement, paradoxically, did more harm than the fire itself. Fight it!

  5. As spokesman of the Commission, you ought to be stomping mad that the Fire Department did not respond quicker–being so close the crackling of the flames should have awakened them. But if you yourself don’t seem to care, what do you expect the people think. And where in the world is the speedy investigation that has been promised?

    It gives license and credence to the accusation that this was a conspiracy to coverup the past. You know darn well that 2004 is still a sore wound in the people’s consciousness. This fire and your diffidence will only serve as a marker for dereliction of duty.

    Some day, some day, when we are a respectable nation, Comelec will be the guardian of our freedom and suffrage, not its corruptor and diminisher.

    Start now!

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