Last two weeks

I had a brief conversation with a reporter today – one of many, actually, although this one stood out for being more relaxed than most – about how the coverage for the last two weeks of campaigning could be handled. I thought about it for awhile and I’ve come up with a few suggestions.

10. Conduct mock voting, having the candidates choose from among themselves, and then reveal how each one voted.

9. Have the candidates spend twenty-four hours as a homeless person and later report on whatever ‘life-lessons’ they might have learned;

8. Interview the candidates’ house help. That’ll blow the lid off their public personas, right Naomi?

7. Let the candidates take the CESO exam. That would be so much fun.

6. In pairs, strap each candidate to a polygraph, sit them across from each other, and have them take turns revealing what they think of the other.

5. Punk ’em. Set them up for an embarrassing situation and shoot video from a hidden camera.

4. And speaking of hidden cameras, plant hidden cameras inside their heavily tinted SUVs and watch what they do immediately upon getting into the car from a meet and greet with their adoring supporters.

3. Interview them when they’re as drunk as a skunk.

2. Stick ’em inside Big Brother’s house and see which one will do whatever it takes not to be voted for … for eviction!

1. Raid their laptops and publish the contents of their web browser’s History.

Now that is must-see-tee-vee!


2 Responses

  1. comment on # 10 the score will be one for each. everyone will surely vote for self.

    # 9 homeless for 24 hours with pork barrel?

    # 6 they’ll always claim that polygraph test results are not acceptable in the courts of law.
    # 5 you might end up with a candid camera show with restricted ratings.

    # 3 no need, no need to have them drunk, they’re already so drunk with power, plus egos bigger than their heavily tinted SUVs.

    #1 that they’ll defend with all the force of the Law.

  2. i guess we should include tthe commissioners, too. these are stressing times. just for laughs. or probably start with james himself, can we have your mock votes too, you can send it to my email add, promise it will be for my own consumption, probably ill start guessing, sino kaya ang no. 1 si oliver kaya o si victor. anyway, i wonder how the commissioners vote, 8-3-1 kaya in whose favor. for the commissioners we have to publish it in some newspapers in iraq so that the candidates will be srambling and surfing the net until may 15, when its all over. ha ha ha, this is really fun. bakit pa kasi magpatayin. truly they should surf this, we will all be able to save a life, cool

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