9 Days

(050507) Elections – 9: Special briefing for The Asia Foundation-Asian Network for Free Elections (TAF-ANFREL) Short Term Observers (STOs). I will be distributing foreign observer information kits. Hopefully, the kits are helpful. [UPDATE @ 5:06pm – The TAF-ANFREL observers are a seasoned lot. I counted only 4 first-time observers in a group of 21. They appreciated the kits, but I think some of them are concerned about how thick and heavy those things are. Plus, they’re all very nice.]

(050607) Elections – 8: Special Media Briefing in Zamboanga. Hopefully, we can also get media practitioners from the surrounding locales, including Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi Tawi to join us.

(050707) Elections – 7: Kapihan sa Sulo, with Radyo ng Bayan.

(050807) Elections – 6: The Foundation Course Lecture: Past Lessons and Preparations for the 2007 Philippine National and Local Elections. I’ll be talking to a group of young Singaporean civil servants about the things we’ve learned from elections past. The irony does NOT escape me.

(050907) Elections – 5: Mass briefing for all foreign observers. More of what I’m doing here today. More kits. More than I saw when I was going to St. Ives and met a man with seven wives …

(051007) Elections – 4: Launching the Special Action Center at the COMELEC Main Offices in Intramuros.

(051107) Elections – 3: Interviews, I think.

(051207) Elections – 2: End of the Campaign Period; launch of the COMELEC National Canvassing Center;  more briefings of international observers (although not exactly in-country observers)

(051307) Elections – 1: The calm before the … well, you know.

ELECTION DAY: I want to do an hourly schedule, but apart from (still tentative, I think) appearing on TV coverage programs, I think this entire day will be devoted to voting, sweating bullets, and explaining stuff.


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  1. I read an online news that says like this:


    Three years after he messed up the 2004 elections, former poll commissioner Virgilio Garcillano may yet play a role in the May 14 elections, at least in Cagayan de Oro City.

    Sun-Star Cagayan de Oro reported Friday that this was the claim of the local Black and White Movement (BWM), which said a group with ties to Garcillano is still operating.

    Bencyrus Ellorin, local BWM convenor, said this group is offering to ensure the victory of opposition candidates in Cagayan de Oro for a price.

    Ellorin said the local opposition rejected the offer from this group, which sought some P3.5 million to “help assure the election victory of the opposition slate.”

    He said they managed to talk with another group that claimed that “millions of pesos” in “special operations funds” were set aside for the local administration party slate.

    For his part, administration congressional candidate Jose Benjamin Benaldo claimed the charges of vote-buying and other election violations being leveled at them were “biased and unfounded.”

    Ellorin said the “special operators” identified with Garcillano promised that 30,000 vote for several local administration candidates will be assured even before the start of the counting.

    “We are still verifying these reports but [the fact that] the city Comelec office confirmed the existence of 246 extra ballots in the City Treasurer’s Office may serve as an indication that something’s not right here,” Ellorin said.

    Ellorin said they are coordinating with other civil society groups to monitor and guard against possible poll cheating before, during, and after the elections.

    “We are organizing a forum sometime next week to mobilize public support to guard against multiple dirty election tactics like vote-buying, fake election returns, ballot switching, among others,” he said.

    Earlier, congressional candidate Rufus Rodriguez (PDP-Laban) said Malacañang set aside some P20 million in “special operation” funds to assure victory for the local Padayon Pilipino-Lakas CMD slate.

    He claimed that P100,000 was set aside for every village, with 60 to 100 election watchers being hired per precinct and paid P1,000 each by the local administration party.

    Meanwhile, the local BWM chapter earlier earned the ire of the Padayon Pilipino-Lakas CMD administration candidates in Cagayan de Oro for blacklisting three of its top candidates and one of its former members.

    Padayon candidates Mayor Vicente Emano, and Rep. Constantino Jaraula and Benaldo accused the movement of “political bias,” which the group dismissed. – GMANews.TV


  2. Nice blog in here . My blog is covering the 2007 election. It might be of interest related to your blog

    Philippine Eleksyon 2007

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