Old warriors

I have a great deal for respect for soldiers, both in the active duty and those who have retired. It takes a special kind of courage to enter an occupation that can – and often does – call for a person to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country and his countrymen.

But Ex-generals bare Gloria vote rig plot? C’mon.

First, they give it a gloriously high-flown name, obviously taken from a movie that revolves around a malevolent government operative. Mercury Rising. Yeah, right. Of course, I doubt the connection actually occurred to the cooks of this latest drivel.

Second, the core of their accusation can be summarized thus: Malakanyang will cheat. It will cheat in 12 regions. It will be assisted by key COMELEC officials in those regions. A trained monkey could have come up with the same scenario. In fact, elementary school kids can probably come up with better plots just thinking up a way to excuse missing homework.

Of course the object of their ire will be the one accused of cheating; and of course the cheating will occur in these populous regions.Ā  E saan pa kaya? Sa maliliit na lugar na hindi makakaapekto sa overall result? To be fair, the ex-generals have not presented any cogent reason why these regions in particular. Just like they haven’t said how the cheating is going to be done; and who better to facilitate cheating than the officers assigned to those regions. Alangan naman na yung mga janitor ang magsasagawa nung pandaraya. Sino naman ang maniniwala dun?

And to make the supposed O-plan even scarier, they throw in stats that’s already available to the public. The sad part is, the banner headline treatment given this sad sad attempt to gain attention is proof that even people who ought to know better are still getting suckered. Perhaps even willingly.

Even sadder is that the COMELEC now has to go chase after these ghosts at a time when all our efforts should be focused on holding the elections.

Old warriors, they say, just fade away. That’s so their legends are what people remember of them. Not conspiracy theories like this.


4 Responses

  1. I think this blog entry is premature. They havent even presented their evidence yet as they promised to do, and youre already calling the ‘evidence’ ghosts and conspiracy theories. Look at the evidence first. They could very well turn out that it’s crap but youll have a more substantial reason to call it crap. I dont know if it’s official COMELEC policy to presume an accusation this serious as an attempt to sucker the public–by generals no less.

    Youre probably stressed out and crabby by now which is understandable. Dagdag trabaho nga naman ito para sa COMELEC. Welcome to public service. šŸ˜€

  2. pag nag-issue naman kasi sana ng statement yang mga matatandang heneral na yan e samahan na ng ebidensiya para naman kapani-paniwala. para naman silang si alan peter cayetano na ngakngak nang ngakngak e wala namang naipapakitang proof ng kanyang mga allegations.

  3. Me? Crabby? Nah. Hahaha. And I don’t think you’re in public service, Jeg. Or are you?

    This accusation serious? Well, maybe in the sense that ALL allegations of cheating are serious. But get rid of the harrumphy self-righteousness and you’re left with claims so generic and incredible that they remind you of those start of the year fortune tellers: “may mamamatay this year … mahihirapan siya yumaman kapag hindi siya nagsikap … maghihiwalay sila ng asawa niya kapag nagluko siya.” Its even more incredible that people still buy into this kind of drivel.

    Oh, and if we were to talk about policy, I think it’s good policy not to give currency to unsubstantiated claims. Or even claims that are promised to be substantiated only at some later, unspecified date.

  4. No Im not. Although I used to be in public works. šŸ˜€

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