What the …

A network texted me at 6 pm today.

“Good evening Dir. James Jimenez, (name) here from (network). I’m texting for (program). Sir, can we invite COMELEC officer or at least 3 person from your office for our (program gimmick)? If they could stay at (studio) starting tomorrow until Friday, Hope to hear feedback from you Sir James!”

A later message informs me that the COMELEC people are going to be asked to stay from 5 to 8:15 am.  This second message came at 6:30 pm. Basically 11 hours before go-time.

Despite the ridiculously short notice, I try. But with 4 days to go before elections, I have no one to spare. Everyone – and I mean every one – is committed to election preparation activities. We’re setting up action centers, setting up hotlines, setting up the national canvassing center, attending to the million and one things that need to be ready for the elections to go off without a hitch.

I tell them that I have no one, I’m very apologetic – if ragged edged – but I make the problem clear to them. I don’t have anyone to send.  They ring off and I think that all is done. But it isn’t.

At 7:30, I receive this message:

“Dir. Jimenez, can you suggest somebody na lang po from COMELEC or any election lawyer na pwede po naming maging studio guest.”

So I suggested Leila de Lima, Pete Cuadra, Sixto Brillantes, and Romy Makalintal. I hope one of these four worthies take on the job.


2 Responses

  1. how about the list of candidates in all elective positions in all towns, cities and provinces? the list of candidates in your bagongbotante website is incomplete ( http://www.bagongbotante.com/list.html ). please include other regions such as regions 1 and 2 and 5 and all the others. only 3 days before election time and you didn’t even published online all the candidates names! what the heck is comelec’s webmasters are doing?

  2. We’re working on the problem now, tamatish. Thanks for your concern.

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