The Hours

13 May 2007.

14:15 – Atty. Eddie Aba, City Election Officer of Dumaguete, was designated Acting Provincial Election Supervisor of Negros Oriental, replacing Manny Advincula.

14:45 – Three policemen ambushed in Libmanan, Camarines Sur (for verification).

REMINDER: You can send your reports to2898! Just type in COMELECTXT(space)REPORT(space)YOUR NAME/YOUR REPORT then send to2898.

15:30 – Chairman Benjamin S. Abalos predicts 83% voter turn-out. Says the good weather will be a positive factor. Average turn out of voters is 70-75%

16:35 – I will be joining a live chat session tomorrow, starting 6 am all the way to 6 am the following day at Drop by and share your thoughts with us.

17:00 – As of 13 May 2007, 3:54 pm, the total number of votes cast by overseas absentee voters stands at 63,764

23:06 – Going thru the online papers, I came across this article, on COMELEC counting and canvassing, on’s elections page. Good info in it.

14 MAY 2007

07:20 – Some misprinted ballots have surfaced, mostly involving more lines for council positions than are needed, or less.


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  1. atty. remarque l. ravanzo, acting election officer of san carlos city, submits coc to prov’l board of canvassers on may 19, 2007. tension eases a bit in the city where mayor julian resuello, running for vice mayor with his son, julier, as mayor, was gunned down fifteen days before the election.

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