Are we there yet?

So far – based on the tracking we’ve been doing at the PICC – we’ve canvassed 28,786 precincts, representing a little over 3 million voters from 116 countries and 16 provinces and cities in the Philippines.

Officially, the COMELEC has released the Report No. 3 for both Senatorial and Party-List races, but these reports lag behind the tracking we’ve done because after the National Board canvasses the results (which is what we track), the certificates of canvass still go through a two-stage audit process. Which is also why we don’t put out results other than those that are officially released.

In the meantime, special elections have ben scheduled on the 26th of May 2007. We had it pegged on the 25th, but that turned out to be a Friday which was prayer day. The Muncipalities in Lanao del Sur that will hold special elections are:

  • Pualas;
  • Butig;
  • Lumbatan;
  • Marogong;
  • Kapatagan;
  • Sultan Dumalondong;
  • Lumbabayague;
  • Kapai;
  • Madalum;
  • Lumba Bayabao;
  • Masiu;
  • Binidayan; and
  • Bayang

and several others that are still pending hearing before the Commission en banc.


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