Funny funny

I’m listening to (a bigshot election lawyer) arguing a case before the Commission on Elections, and (this person is) saying that a petition for the declaration of a failure of elections must contain allegations sufficient to show that the essential elements for a failure of elections are present. Which is absolutely true. (This person) insists that nothing less than NO VOTING, or EARLY CLOSURE OF POLLS, or that there is a FAILURE TO ELECT will justify a declaration of failure. This again is well supported by jurisprudence.

It will become funny when (this person) starts arguing for a different side – the side that, in its turn, wants the COMELEC to declare a failure of elections. I wonder if (this person) will sing the same tune. More than likely tho, (this person) will say “that was a different thing!”

Another funny thing.

Not one paper that I could get my hands on – online or in meatspace – carried the story of GO Counsel Sixto Brillantes’ goof and subsequent apology. What happened was, Brillantes made a big deal about what appeared to him to be a case of vote shaving affecting Noynoy Aquino and Sonia Roco. Upon checking by the COMELEC tabulators in full view of everyone, it was revealed that it was Brillantes’ computation that was off.

He was, of course, man enough to admit the mistake and apologize, prompting COMELEC Chairman Benjamin S. Abalos to call him a good sport.

That was newsworthy. But apparently not printable. One wonders why.


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