Something fishy in Denmark

It’s always sad when lighter moments for some people come at the expense of someone else. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much what happened today.

Lawyer and KBL Senatorial aspirant Oliver Lozano addressed the National Board of Canvassers this a. fternoon, much to the entertainment of the people who were observing the canvassing proceedings. Lozano started with a long-winded explanation about how because his client – Joselito Cayetano – went from having only about four thousand votes to having over a million vote he felt that something fishy was going on ‘in Denmark’ and that he was (surprise!) withdrawing ‘his appearance as counsel for Joselito Cayetano.’

This prompted COMELEC Chairman Benjamin S. Abalos to retort: “But you never entered your appearance as anybody’s counsel,’ eliciting a wave of laughter that swept the room. Eventually, Abalos did accept the withdrawal of appearance. Lozano then started making another manifestation, according to him “about dagdag-bawas.” As expected, tawanan na naman ang mga utaw.

And that was when GO Counsel Sixto Brillantes got into the act. Barely able to control his own mirth, Brillantes asked Abalos to declare Lozano out of order since “he has already withdrawn his appearance and has no more reason to address the National Board of Canvassers.” This which of course set the KBL stalwart off on yet another tirade, which in turn, got people laughing even harder.

After a while, Abalos finally declared Lozano out of order and instructed the bailiff to escort the irate KBL-man off the podium and back into the relative anonymity of the gallery.


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  1. Wala bang YouTube video nyan, sir? 😀

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