South Cotabato

The re-canvassing of the COCs from South Cotabato has just been completed and showed that there were serious discrepancies in the recorded votes of some senatorial candidates.

Some candidates received more than a hundred thousand additional votes; some received as little as two extra votes (which is kinda sad, btw). But large or small, these discrepancies motivated COMELEC Chairman Ben Abalos to order the immediate investigation of the provincial boards of canvassers which prepared the faulty COCs, with a view to criminal prosecution.

Commissioner Romeo Brawner – CIC – specifically mentioned that Atty. Lilia Radam would be immediately relieved as Provincial Election Supervisor (PES) of South Cotabato. Atty. Yogie Martirazar, I believe, will also be relieved as PES of North Cotabato. North Cotabato COCs are currently being re-canvassed.


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  1. James,

    This may be late, but I guess never too late. I salute the COMELEC for doing the right thing here in the case of North and South Cotabato. I compared the NAMFREL and COMELEC counts in these provinces and it show minor descripancies only. Primary reason is due to the incompleteness of the NAMFREL count. The same thing goes for the re-canvassed provinces of Zambales, Davao del Sur and other COCs.

    But, I noted that COMELEC did not re-canvassed the provinces of Shariff Kabunsuan (which Atty. Bedol also handeled), Sultan Kudarat and Lanao del Norte. These provinces have major descripancies as compared with the NAMFREL counts. COMELEC and NAMFREL needs to investigate the results in these provinces further.

    COMELEC needs to get the final result of NAMFREL count and compare it to the offical count.
    This will make COMELEC more pro-active in checking “dagdag-bawas”.

    If not investigated and “corrected” in due time, expect watchdogs and media raising this “dagdag-bawas” issue again and hitting the headlines.


  2. good suggestion, choi. I’ll bring it up with the appropriate ppl. Tnx!

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