Glad that the Senator is happy

UPDATE: Atty. Sixto Brillantes called the elections generally peaceful, orderly, and accurate.  Isn’t that just peachy?


Glad that the Senator is happy about his mistaken forecast. Now, just to make things real crystal clear – he’s happy because there looks to be more of his boys winning than he originally thought there would be.

Leaving aside the fact that no proclamation has actually been made yet, shouldn’t the Senator now admit that the elections were successful?

I mean, sure, there were some areas where serious doubts about the elections were raised; and sure no one is happy about the violence; but to declare themselves the big winners now and pat themselves on the back implies that they are accepting the results of these polls, as conducted by the COMELEC. And if they accept the results of these polls, then it means the polls for the most part must be credible for having passed the scrutiny of the people with the most to gain by challenging the polls’ credibility. Get it? After all, if the polls weren’t generally credible, then where would that leave the winners?

Oh don’t worry, I’m not saying the polls were perfect. Like I said, there was violence and there were attempts to cheat (more about that later), but these imperfections certainly weren’t enough to bollix the whole thing. I’m not discounting the roles played by Namfrel, PPCRV, and all the rest of those people who called themselves watchdogs, but we have to remember that their allegations involved only certain areas – not the whole country.

Oh, BTW, the Senator was careful enough to temper his enthusiasm (no thanks to the lechon, I’m sure) by saying

“If they cheat by more than a million, we’ll get six (candidates). If they don’t cheat, we’ll get seven or more.”

Of course, he was talking about the ARMM votes. Not surprising, really. And not inaccurate either. If there is cheating, then people who ought to win will inevitably end up losers. Kinda like a fortune teller telling a newly married couple ‘if you don’t work to preserve your marriage, it will fall apart.’

W hat bothers me is that this is yet another statement that undermines the credibility of the COMELEC. The COMELEC which has – in the past weeks – taken decisive action whenever necessary to exclude from the final tally questionable and clearly spurious votes; which has initiated an investigation into allegations of cheating in Maguindanao before any truly reliable witness has ever surfaced; and which has relieved three of its field officers for erroneous canvasses.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking for applause for the Commission; or congratulations; or thanks (definitely not that). All I am really wishing for is that people give the COMELEC the opportunity to do its job without stacking the deck of public opinion against it at every turn – at every juncture where the outcome might conceivably NOT be in their favor. Because that is what statements like the Senator’s is doing: making sure that before an outcome is revealed, the public is of the mindset that there can only be one possible outcome and that any other outcome must be the product of cheating.

So, how about being magnanimous in victory, and all that, eh?

Let’s say ‘the elections (which we won) have been generally credible.’

How about it?


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