Here they go again

The People’s International Observer Mission (IOM) – a composite group of observers of various nationalities – is at it again. First, they accuse the COMELEC of deliberate mismanagement without giving substantiation to their claim; now, they turn their sights on the military. Or at least that’s what this article says.

I haven’t read the IOM report apparently being quoted by the article – in fact, I don’t know if it’s just another portion of the same article as before – but here is what the folks of the IOM are supposed to have said:

“Extra-judicial killings, campaigning for and against particular candidates, disenfranchising voters of opposition candidates, intimidation and harassment, deployment in opposition-influenced communities are many of the ways that the military used and overstepped its constitutional duty.”

Now I realize this statement probably reflects the conventional wisdom about these occurrences, but what business does a supposedly independent observer mission have trafficking in mere conventional wisdom? With this statement, the IOM has all but convicted the military for everything they’ve enumerated, without offering the slightest bit of evidence to support their claim.

I’m all for speaking your mind and all that, but how about a little responsibility, eh?


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