How unfair is this?

By invoking the formula in the 2007 elections, the Comelec merely wanted to reduce the ranks of the progressive party-list groups, Colmenares said.

When the COMELEC complies with a Supreme Court ruling, it does so because it ought to. We stood our ground on this matter once before and what did it get us? The ire of the Court and – when news of the smack-down came out – all our critics gloating about how the decision was another slap in the face of the COMELEC (apparently, we live in a country where it is ignoble to take a stand that the Supreme Court later on disagrees with).

Having made our stand and then being told that we were wrong, we submit to the wisdom of the Supreme Court. And now  all of a sudden we have an agenda against progressive party-list groups?! Come ON.


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