COMELEC Reso 8183 – Special Elections

In order to determine the true will of the electorate in … the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and in Taysan, Batangas where the number of registered voters in the precincts which failed to function will materially affect the results of the election for the local positions in both the provincial and municipal level, the Commission resolved to immediately conduct special elections in (specific precincts in) the following areas, on the 20th of June 2007:

  • Lanao del Sur: Taraka; Tamparan; Marantao; Lumbaca-Unayan; Pagayawan; Tubaran; Ganassi; and Marawi City
  • Basilan: Akbar; and Sumisip
  • Tawi-Tawi: Tandubas
  • Shariff Kabunsuan: Barira; Kabuntalan
  • Batangas: Taysan

7 Responses

  1. The COMELEC leadership has announced that the plan to hold a “special election” at Maguindanao province would be cancelled. Well, it’s really up to the COMELEC leadership to decide whether to push through or just cancel such special election at Maguindanao province. The COMELEC should stand firm on whatever decision that the current COMELEC officials will make about the alleged poll irregularities that took place in Maguindanao.

    The COMELEC leadership also has to finalize its plan (or cancel again) to make a full investigation of the Hello-Garci Scandal. An unresolved political scandal is a black eye upon the dignity of those who got involved with such a controversy. The COMELEC officials have to understand that a ranking COMELEC officer, that is Mr. Garci himself, got involved with such an unresolved political scandal. It does make sense if the current officialdom of the COMELEC can fully investigate the Hello-Garci Scandal. Such would be something heroic to do on the part of the current officialdom of the COMELEC. The necessary pre-requisite for such investigation to push through is decisiveness from the COMELEC leadership.

  2. James,

    How many voters are involved here? You mentioned it will materially affect provincial and municipal results. Will the results still be added to the Senatorial canvass?

  3. Choi,

    About 189 thousand. With #12 leading #13 by only about 86 thousand, that is significant.

  4. james,

    is this the verbatim copy of the resolution issued by the comelec? tnx….

  5. hi lalaine.

    welcome to the site. 🙂 almost verbatim. i kinda paraphrased some parts, but the more florid passages are definitely not mine. by the way, as you might have guessed, i quoted only the very last portion of the resolution.

  6. James,

    Where did you get the 86k?

    Yes, I agree it’s significant. But, numerically only. As in my Maguindanao position, voting last is different from counting last. Voters in these areas will only see Zubiri and Pimentel to vote for.
    Similarly for local level, if they already started and finished the canvassing except only for those precincts or towns that had failure of elections, the net effect is very significant. That’s why these areas have perennial failure of elections. They are being used for cheating.


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