Melee in Maguindanao

UPDATE: The COMELEC En Banc yesterday ordered the Special Provincial Board of Canvassers to resume its work in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao. The Board, I take it, is expected to determine whether the certificates of canvass given to it by the Maguindanao election officers (via TF Maguindanao and the en banc) can be the basis of a re-canvass.


re: the title of this post – we’re in gensan, home of pacquiao so, heck, a little artistic license shouldn’t be entirely out of place.

now, on to other business …

chairman abalos and commissioner ferrer are in gensan. So are counsels for TU & GO. I thought GO wouldn’t come, but here they are. Commissioner Sarmiento, in contrast, isn’t, having opted to supervise the elections in LDS.


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  2. James,

    I read that only 21 COCs will be recanvassed. How about the COC from South Upi? The only reason given by COMELEC is that the Chairman of the South Upi MBOC is residing in N. Cotabato that’s why he/she failed to receive the summon and in going to GenSan last week.

    ABS-CBN and GO reported that they have ERs from South Upi which show that candidates who got zero in the Provincial COC actually got votes from these ERs. How is COMELEC going to deal with the South Upi MBOC and MCOC?

  3. Choi, the COC from south upi did come.

  4. Yes. According to it came from the 3rd member of the MBOC because the Election Officer “cannot be located” ( just like Atty. Bedol).

    Very notable in the news report, Zubiri got a total of 45,021 votes while Pimentel’s 18,035 from the initial 3-towns of South Upi, Shariff Aguak and Buluan. The report did not mention how many actually (or allegedly) voted from each of the towns. Also, 19-candidates consistently got “zero” votes. Votes garnered by other candidates were not reported. (As in my previous posting, even if the COMELEC will conduct special elections in Maguindanao only the votes for Zubiri and Pimentel will matter. )

    According to the COMELEC website, these 3-towns has a total registered voters of 49,782.
    If the votes that Zubiri got is accurate as reported, then it is “too high”.

    I looks that not only Atty. Bedol should be charged. What’s your opinion on this?

  5. choi,

    i think the action to be filed against bedol will be like the sharp end of a wedge. It’ll reveal who else should be charged. And when we know that, we can go after them next.

  6. James,

    I really believe there are more involved than Bedol alone. But, I also believe not all Election Officers, members of BOCs and BEIs in Maguindanao “got involved” on their free will. These people of COMELEC needs help. Maybe some will say something. But calling them to surface will put their lives in danger.

    Here’s my opinion (or suggestion if I may). If I’m Chairman Abalos or the COMELEC as a whole (en banc), I will direct TF Maguidanao Commissioner Ferrer to order all the Election Officers in Maguindao to ship to Manila all election related documents, ballot boxes with ballots inside, Book of Voters, etc…. immediately. TF should secure them now. TF should also do internal audit on the Book of Voters and ballot boxes (but not the ballots inside) to determine how many really or actually voted.

    TF should invite the presence of all interested parties from the candidates, watchdogs and media in all these proceedings.

    Maybe this will help…or somehow enlighten what really happened in Maguindanao.

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