Recommendations of  Commissioner Nicodemo T. Ferrer
As Head of Task Force Maguindanao
Re: Lintang Bedol

1.    Immediate relief of Atty. Lintang Bedol of his duties as Provincial Election Supervisor of Maguindanao

2.    To initiate an investigation under the Civil Service Rules and Regulations leading to the termination of his employment in the COMELEC

3.    That Atty. Bedol be cited for indirect contempt of this Commission for his continued and willful disobedience to the order of this Commission to appear before it and present the documents pertinent to the canvassing of the votes for Maguindanao

4.    That Atty. Bedol be indicted for violation of Section Two, Chapter Five of the Revised Penal Code, for “Infidelity in the Custody of Documents,” specifically Article 226 for “Removal, Concealment, and Destruction of Documents,” without prejudice to other similar charges that may be filed against him.

Submitted to the Commission en banc, 18 June 2007

My translation: That sound you hear, Atty. Bedol, is the sound of inevitability.


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