Press Release
Ref:    James Arthur B. Jimenez
Director IV, Education and Information Department
Commission on Elections
Tel. No. (+632) 525-9294
Date:     June 26, 2007

COMELEC: Arrest Bedol

A fiery elections commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer faced the media this afternoon at the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) main office to announce that the poll body is issuing an arrest warrant for Maguindanao elections supervisor Lintang Bedol for infidelity in the custody of public documents and indirect contempt.

Calling him a ‘fugitive’, Comm. Ferrer fired back at Bedol who earlier challenged the COMELEC to file charges against him. “The COMELEC accepts the challenge of Mr. Bedol. I hope he is ready to face the charges” he said.

The poll commissioner, apparently irked by Bedol’s bragging of his small armory, then went on to ask: “Is this the brave Bedol that he claims to be? Kung talagang matapang siya, bakit siya nagtatago sa lungga? (If he really is brave, then why is he in hiding?) Comm. Ferrer heads the Task Force Maguindanao which was created to investigate the allegations of election irregularities in the province.

COMELEC Chairman Benjamin S. Abalos Sr., for his part said that Comm. Ferrer’s position is supported by all Commissioners and has been ‘adopted’ in an en banc resolution calling for the “initiation of a case against Bedol for infidelity and upon filing of the same, a preventive suspension should ensue.” He added that the COMELEC is also “citing him in contempt for his failure to explain in writing despite the show cause order.” ###


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  1. Garcilliano was able to slip out of the country rather easily. Im thinking Bedol has the same, shall we say, resourcefulness.

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