Reap the whirlwind

In Mindanao, it is half-jokingly said that elections are seen as harvest time by many people; a harvest of vote-buying money, that is. Right now, many people believe that erstwhile Provincial Election Supervisor Lintang Bedol was one of the harvesters. The investigation to be conducted by Task Force Maguindanao will show that to be either true or false in due time. But to my mind, Bedol is now bringing in a harvest of another kind: the man is reaping a whirlwind.

He should never have challenged the Commission the way he did, in both what he said and in what his .45 said. I suppose like a lot of people, Bedol never expected the COMELEC to actually push through with what it said it would do. Unfortunately, in this country, we can get really impatient and adherence to due process can sometimes be mistaken for duplicity.

Not today.


6 Responses

  1. Some whirlwind.

    All that trouble, manpower, resources, just so he could answer questions. He could have just phoned that in and saved taxpayer money. For all their bravado, the commishes turned wimps. The sound of inevitability is just an annoying fart in the disinfected air of the Comelec.

    But yeah, the man needs his rest. He must be really tired.

  2. what were you expecting? a lynching? what matters is that the process of enforcing accountability has been started.

  3. I was expecting, for lack of a better term, balls from the commishes.

    what matters is that the process of enforcing accountability has been started.

    More important is that the process of enforcing accountability is finished. And if–IF–that happens, I will congratulate you. Not before.

  4. that’s where you’ve got us all wrong, jeg. we’re not doing this for congratulations. and yes, it is important that the process is finished. As for balls, when has it ever been a lack of cojones to respect due process?although of course, that’s exactly what the lynch mobs say.

  5. Im not part of the lynch mob, Dir. Jimenez. I dont want anybody lynched. Here’s someone who has time and time again defied the Comelec, such that it required the issuance of an arrest warrant, using the full force of the PNP to bodily bring him to Manila to answer questions, and despite that, despite the tough-guy words from the Comelec, and knowing full well his past contemptuous behavior towards the body, Chariman Abalos let’s him go home. I hope Im wrong but I think he’ll skip town, and it’s all the Comelec’s fault.

  6. James,

    It’s not only Atty. Bedol who’s reaping the whirlwind but also the COMELEC, and the country as a whole. It’s so frustrating….We have to put this mess to an end.

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