Party List Partial Proclamation

After a particularly excruciating weekend, the COMELEC en banc has finally decided to proclaim the party-list groups that are already guaranteed at least one seat in Congress. The ruling was based on the following stats:

Total PL votes already canvassed and tabulated: 15, 283,659

Total uncanvassed and untabulated PL votes (due pending motions): 1,337,032

Maximum PL votes (assuming 100% turnout) from areas not yet  submitted for canvass – Bogo, Cebu; Bais City; Pantar, LDN; and Pagalungan, Maguindanao): 102,430

Maximum total PL Votes: 16, 723,121.

Based on this assumed maximum, the presumptive 2% threshold would be 334,462 votes. Now, out of all the PL groups that participated, 14 have so far garnered at least 334, 462 votes:

  • Buhay – 1,163,218
  • Bayan Muna – 972,730
  • CIBAC – 760,260
  • Gabriela – 610,451
  • APEC – 538,971
  • A Teacher – 476,036
  • AKBAYAN – 470,872
  • ALAGAD – 423,076
  • BUTIL – 405,052
  • COOP-NATCO – 390,029
  • BATAS – 386,361
  • Anakpawis – 376,036
  • ARC – 338,194
  • ABONO – 337,046

Theoretically, all these PL groups ought to have at least one seat. Additional seats will be computed based on the Panganiban formula, but that will have to wait til all the votes cast for the PL system have been canvassed.

However, the COMELEC en banc explained that since there is a pending action against BATAS seeking the cancellation of its registration, then its proclamation has to be held in abeyance until after the action has been resolved. To do otherwise would be to render the action moot.

So, at the end, we have 13 proclaimed party list groups:

  • Buhay – Buhay Hayaan Yumabong
  • Bayan Muna – Bayan Muna
  • CIBAC – Citizens Battle Against Corruption
  • Gabriela – Gabriela Women’s Party
  • APEC – Association of Philippine Electric Cooperatives
  • A Teacher – Advocacy for Teacher Empowerment through Action, Cooperation, and Harmony Towards Educational Reforms, Inc.
  • AKBAYAN – Akbayan! Citizen’s Action Party
  • ALAGAD – Alagad
  • BUTIL – Luzon Farmers Party
  • COOP-NATCO – Cooperative-Natco Network Party
  • Anakpawis – Anak Pawis
  • ARC – Alliance of Rural Concerns
  • ABONO – Abono

This proclamation is, of course, without prejudice to the proclamation of other PL groups which may later on be established to have reached the 2% threshold.

Party List Partial Proclamation. Now say that ten times as fast as you can.


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