Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections

The registration for the 2007 B&SK elections begins on Sunday, the 15th of July and will run until the following Sunday, the 22nd of July.

And just to make sure that it’s clear, here it is in pretty pictures … well, one picture anyway.


 Thanks, iGoogle, for the calendar. 


For the barangay elections, people aged 18 up on election day (29 October) may either register as first time voters, or apply for transfers.

For the SK elections, people aged 15 to below 18 (which is an unwieldy way of saying once you tun 18, you’re out of the SK fold) may register.

Don’t keep this information to yourself, please. Spread the word.


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  1. tnx for the info.
    would you mind sending me more info’s.
    it will be more likely better if you’ll be sending me the whole resolution.

  2. would you mind sending me the resolution.

  3. hay naku ha. paulit ulit. padalhan mo naman po ako ng reso. pls.


  5. hey, thanks choi. i meant to do that!

  6. tnx for the information… pede na po bang tumakbo sa barangay councilor ang mga kabataang tulad ko…19 years old po and student lesder po aq..

  7. dapat hindi 15 – 17 ang age limit ng SK… ano po ba ang gagawin nila kapag nasa Session na sila ng barangay? di po ba mauupo sila as ex officio ng barangay… tapos kapag sinuerte pa…eh pede pang maging ex officio councilor sa pambayan at lalawigan…dapat po itaas ang age limit yung mga age na nasa COLLEGE na po

  8. at heto pa po…mas qualified naman po talaga ang mga nasa age 18-21, kaya na po nilang makipagsabayan sa mga matatanda… sayang nanaman po ang mga taong lilipas diba…dapat isipin naman po iyan ng mga mambabatas at senado… age ng 15-17 HIGHSCHOOL Stage po ito…dapat yung stage na dinidivelope na ang kanilang leadership ability…

  9. kaya sa aking mga kababata…tayo ng magsalita…tama na ung isang taerm na ang hinalal nila ay HIGHSCHOOL age…COLLEGE naman po…

  10. Good day! Just want to know what are the benefits in case I was elected as SK chairman??? Please inform me.
    And for me it is just right to have those youth aging 15-17, and in fact we’re already having leadership congress in our regional levels, division level, and even at our school. Therefore it is just right to give us chance to show what we have. And beside those 18 above are already included at municipal election.

  11. Good day! Just want to know what are the benefits in case I was elected as SK chairman??? Please inform me.
    And for me it is just right to have those youth aging 15-17 being SK officers, and in fact we’re already having leadership congress in our regional levels, division level, and even at our school. Therefore it is just right to give us chance to show what we have. And besides those 18 above are already included at municipal election.

  12. Airene,

    As SK chairman, you sit on the barangay council. There, you can have a very powerful voice in bringing forward the concerns of the youth in your jurisdiction.


    Age qualifications are a matter of law. So, if we want to change them, we have to address ourt request to Congress. There are groups lobbying for just such a change, maybe you can get in touch with them. I don’t have their e-mail address with me, but i will post it soon.

  13. Director Jimenez,

    NCR’s Atty Rafanan (sorry, attorney if I did not get your name right), and I talked over the phone the other day, and he assured me that he/your office has already sent out Memoranda to all EO’s so as to make things easy for new voters, and I hope for transferees, applicants for reactivation, etc. before the Sunday (July 22) deadline.

    The way applicants are turning out (at least in the two districts of Makati’s registration offices in the Makati Central Fire Station) it will need another registration period, and preferrably not in one place, but distributed in schools so as to decongest the OEO’s which is what is happening now. But if this is not possible due to logistical and manpower factors, we should indeed, have another registration sked, and if the massive turn-out of “bagong botantes” in the OEOs are still the same, the Comelec must have a continuing registration, until all bagong botantes have registered.

    As posted earlier, this is the only way of injecting new blood into the mainstream of the voting population, if we are to remove the trapos and political patronage. New, young voters are idealists, as can be seen from ‘posts’ here, where everybody hoped to contribute his/her time to public service; not one asked about the salary/allowance he/she will get from being a barangay official! (Mabuhay kayo, guys, may pag-asa pa ang Pilipinas!)

    Thank you again, Director, for your and your staff’s effort in disseminating valuable information especially the Comelec Resolutions on registration.

  14. P.S.

    Director, can you please answer a hypothetical query?

    What if a voter did not vote in the presidential elections of 2004, and again in this year’s local elections,
    1. will he be “purged” / delisted / deactivated from the present Voters’ List
    2. will there be a possibility that he cannot vote in the Barangay election?
    2. can he present himself to the EO in the on-going registration, state the circumstances, and ask that he be “listed” (or relisted or reactivated) to ensure that he can vote in the Barangay elections?

    Thank you.

  15. Sec Tony, yes. If a person failed to vote in 2004, and again in 2007, he will be deactivated, and yes, he will probably not be able to vote in the Barangay elections. The best thing to do in such a a case is to present yourself for re-activation before the registration period ends.

  16. sir,

    please allow me to clarify the issue of last term. Paano po kung si Kagawad A ay nakadalawang termino na sa Barangay na kaniyang pinaglilingkuran, nagkataon na nasakop ng kabilang Barangay ang lupang kinatitirikan ng bahay nila tapos kumandidato siya sa Barangay na nakasakop sa kaniya at nanalo. Considered po ba iyon na last term nya? O maaari pa po ba siyang kumandidato? It will be a great help if you could answer it, thank you very much!

  17. Sec., my opinion is that the three-term limit applies to same positions in the same jurisdiction. In other words, the maximum is three terms as kagawad (for example) in one barangay. Any terms served in one jurisdiction will not count in another. Of course, I still recommend Kagawad A should consult his lawyer.

  18. Sir, may I ask if there is truth this news articles that, there would be a possibility to again postpone the barangay elections this coming October? Do the COMELEC know for this fact? And may I also ask to your good office if, that this commission has a budget allocated for this political exercise?

    We are worried for this matter….Mr. Jimenez
    Thanks! expecting your reply.

  19. Sir, is it possible for a postponement of the October 2007 Barangay Elections? Kasi may mga balita na kaming natatanggap na parang they are favoring this postponement. Please we need to be clarified. thanks!

    Can we take your word as a gospel truth and not those of other news stations and media outlets? We want to liberate our barangay from immorality and corruption.

    Again Thank you very much.

  20. sir,

    gaano ba katotoo na nabago na ang age ng mga kabataang lalahok sa SK elections? totoo po bang 15-23 na nga ba? o dati paring 15-17? please reply..thanks!

  21. what does a barangay council usually do. and is there also a massive cheating on barangay elections?

  22. jester – there are those who want to postpone the elections. I believe that – while the COMELEC must respect the will of Congress – postponing the elections would be a bad move. If you also believe the elections should NOT be postponed, make noise. Write your congressmen. I will do what I can.

    Sec. Anthony – we will be releasing the appropriate guidelines governing candidacies soon. Stay tuned.

    Farida – the barangay council manages the affairs of your, well, baranggay. The Bgy. Chairman and the Council are usually the persons responsible for community security (Tanods), cleanliness (garbage pick-ups), and for handling other local community concerns (like providing a poso in case of a lack of water). The Bgy COuncil is actually a very important institution because it is through the Bgy that the national government delivers services to you.

    Is their cheating? Well, there are those who will always try to cheat, Farida. It’s up to us – and people like you – to make sure they don’t succeed.

  23. uhmmm. i really don’t get it. so does it mean that 18-aged people are not allowed to vote for the Sangguniang Kabataan? So why not say, “15-17”?!

  24. kamskee, you are absolutely right. the unwieldy language serves to clarify that even if you are one day shy of 18, you’re still SK. weird no?

  25. ammm….tanong ko lng tuloy na tuloy na pa ba iyong eleksyon sa SK ngaung oct.29?

  26. pwedi bang post poned mona ang election?? kasi nakakamis talaga e. specialy pag mayroon ka talagang ginagawa sa brgy mo.

  27. tanong ko lang magkano po ba talaga ang budget sa isang bargy and sk election? may budget naba para sa oct. 29 election?? thx..

  28. kaye, sk-brgy2,

    it looks like tuloy na tuloy na. kailangan kasi ng batas – approved by both Senate and House – para ma-postpone ang elections. With the way things are going in those august chambers, parang malabo na maka-pasa sila ng batas by october.

  29. sk-brgy2, ang estimate ay around 2 billion. di ko pa nakikita ang actual na budget

  30. so wala pa talaga dyan ang budget na gagametin. paano yan kong wala talagang badget for this election??

  31. tanong ko lng sir.. bakit gomagastos ang gobyerno ng belyong belyong pero sa election.. tapos di nalolotas ang problima sa bansa lalomg lalo na sa kahirapan??

  32. hello sk-brgy2,

    nandito na. kaso lang, hindi naman ako tiga-finance department, kaya di ko pa nakikita. 🙂

    ang gastos sa eleksyon ay mahalaga upang mapanatili ang ating demokratikong pamumuhay. at ang pagpapanatili ng isang demoratikong pamumuhay ang pinakamagandang daan patungo sa paglutas ng kahirapan.

    kaya nga lang, ang paglutas ng kahirapan ay isang matagalang proceso. tuloy tuloy ang laban na iyan na talagang hindi matatapos sa isang eleksyon lamang.

  33. hehehe… marming salamat po sir..

  34. walang anuman, sk-brgy2 🙂

  35. hi sir sibi nila may election daw pero sa mga brgay cuoncel lng hendi daw kasali ang sk totoo po ba??

  36. sir kong matotoloy ang elecstion ngayong oct. kailan kami aalis sa aming posisisyon bilang sk chrman?? kailan makaka upo ang mga bagong halal??

  37. sir,

    here i am again to ask you regarding the issue of the real age limit of Katipunan ng Kabataan that will participate in this coming SK elections, is there a certain law passed by the congress regarding this?

  38. sir,
    ano ba talaga ang disisyon sa age maximum ng SK? Sa observation ko sir sa age 15 to 17 masyado pang bata ang ganong edad.When it comes to activities in the barangay wala silang ginagawa nakaupo lang,at nagsusweldo tapos yong mga ate at kuya din nila yong gumagawa ng activities.Ang masahol pa dito dahil pag sa election gaya nong nangyari nong last parents tuloy ang gumagawa ng paraan o kung ano ano ang tinuturo sa anak para sila ang manalo. Mas maganda siguro kung ibalik sa 15 to 21. Para yong aged 15 to 17 matuto muna sila sa mga nakakatanda sa kanila.

  39. good day sir james… info naman po bout election posters etc… kung saan lang po pwedeng mag-post ng campaign materials? sukat at laki etc…? thanks! GOD BLESS! MORE POWER!!!

  40. hi budz, keep tuned in to this blog. maglalabas na ng guidelines soon. thanks.

  41. sir bakit ganon may mga iba diyan na di binibigay yung 10 percent na pundo ng mga youth, kinukurakot lang nga mga higher officials. Mas maganda n lang na ibalik sa 18 to 21. Kasi yung 15 to 17 ni hindi nga nila alam ang kanilang mga right’s (human rights).

  42. hello lal’z. Kung ibabalik sa 18-21, paano matututo ang 15-17 kung paano manindigan para sa kanilang mga karapatan? Sa tingin ko, ang solusyon ay edukasyon. Kailangan turuan ang mga kabataang 15-17 na gustong lumahok sa Sk kung anu-ano ang kanilang mga karapatan, at (very important) kung ano ang expected sa kanila.

  43. Sir,

    Is there a great possibility for the postponement of SK & Brgy elections?

    Sayang naman kung hindi maeexercise ang political rights ng mga mamamayan kung mapopostpone ito at patuloy o lagi na lamang hindi natutuloy.

    Sir, please update me regarding this issue.

    Thanks a lot! God Bless!

    Anthony B. of baler, Aurora

  44. Sir Jimenez,

    Ano po ba ang realidad na nangyayari ngaun ang edad 15-17 po na mga kabataan sa katotohanan ay hindi pa nila masyadong pinagtutuunan ng pansin ang pampublikong interes bagkus ang kanilang pag aaral lamang ang kanilang pinagkakakaabalahan, aminin na po po natin na hindi pa nila kayang manindigan sa sarili nila lalo na kung kaharap na sila ng buong barangay council ano po ba ang nangyayari ngaun nadidiktahan lamang ang mga sk na nanunungkulan d2 po sa amin sa sta.maria as a concerned citizen and im only speak sa aking napansin sa nakaraang panunungkulan ng mga sk council natin 24 na barangay isa lang po ang nakita kong active na sk at yun ang pangulo ng sk federation, mahalaga po ang position na to para sa mga kabataan dahil may pondong nakalaan ngunit hindi naman napapakinabangan, cencia na po cnasabi ko lang po yung nakikita ko at hindi naman kau ang nasa lugar para managot ng mga batas na alam naman natin na parang hindi pinag isipan, pwede po bang malaman kung cnong congressman ang nagpanukala ng batas na maging 15-17 ang edan ng maging sk…at saan po ba makikita yung batas na yun para naman maunawaan po namin ng husto kung bakit naging 15-17 ang edad maraming salamat po

  45. GREETINGS!!!

    have a nice day po Sir James!!!

    ask ko lang po …kailan po pwedeng makakuha ng copy ng latest computerized voter’s list? how much po b? per precint po ba?

    ilang poll watcher/s po ba need s isang precint? independent candidate po kasi eh… pwede po ba sila igawa ng id’s as volunteer watchers?

    magkakaroon po ba d2 s site ng downloadable forms (coc’s)?

    paano po process ng filing?

    maraming salamat po!

    more power sa inyo at GOD BLESS!!!!

  46. Sir Jimenez

    kng hindi po matutloy ang election nganyong taon anong taon.
    waht should be the good date and year to do the elections again ? ??? ??? ?

  47. Tonton, the best date to hold the elections is on October 29, 2007. Period. 🙂

    Seriously, I have no idea when our legislators want to resked the polls. I’ve heard they want to synchronize it with the ARMM polls in 2008.

  48. have a nice day po ulit..

  49. hi! it’s nice to know n may mga tao pala dito s site n interested s usapan bout s barangay and sk election, which show only that our government still has a leaders n may love s country. till next time

  50. sir james, i have an idea why our “honorable” members of the legislature would like to postpone this year’s brgy and SK elections – COST. I believe, and i know this is true, that most, if not all of our congressmen had pledged their support to the local barangay officials during their campaign sortie for the may 14 elections… now that october 29 is fast approaching, the barangay officials are cashing in on their promises. Just imagine, a congressman who has just spent millions of pesos four months ago will again spend a large sum of money to support the barangay leaders….. kawawa naman ang congressman natin 🙂

  51. BTW sir james, wala pa ba ang guidelines for the october polls? tinatanong na po kasi ako ng mga media outlet dito sa station ko and all i keep telling them is WALA PA ANG GUIDELINES…. masyadong gasgas na po kasi yung reason na yun sir 🙂

  52. CEO Macute, the GI is being finalized by the Senior Staff. Malapit na, sir. 🙂

  53. sir,

    please update me kung pasado na ung postponement ng B & Sk Elections….

  54. hi sir, , i am also one of the elected sk chairman here in cebu city. alam po ninyo masakit mang aminin pero totoo yon nga halos lahat ng sk council ay hindi naka pag perform.. Para sa aking hindi to namin kasalanan nga mag kaganito kame.. pero hindi panaman huli nag lahat.. may kundi panaman panahon para maipakita ang aming makakaya para mapatunayan namin na hindi rin mali ang pagpili namnin bilang sk official….
    Alam po ninyo sir, may nagawa naman kaming mga sk.. pero ang hirap lang kahit peron nah hindi parin gusto ng iba.. kahit ginawa na namin lahat…. ito lang ang masabi namnin hindi lang po beauty contest, pag lalaro ang project namin… kasi kong may budget kami hindi naman ito mapproved kapag hindi ito naka appropriate ng tama.. ..may nga project din kaming para sa kabutihan ng lahat…
    Ito lang masasabi ko sa mga taong nag sasabing wala kaming silbi bilang sk.. ikaw bilang mamamayan sa bayan natin may na gawa kanaba para sa pag unlad ng bayan….

  55. Salamat sa iyong komento, bonts. Ako man hindi naniniwala na pwede nating lahatin ang mga SK. Merong masama, ngunit mas nakakarami naman ang mabubuti.

  56. sobra na kung mananatili na naman sa pwesto ang mga Brgy. Officials…

  57. basta ako pag may election de tapos na. pag wala namang election e mas pagbobotihin ko pa ang trabaho ko bilang sk chairman… ginagawa ko naman ang lahat ng magagawa ko para sa aming brgy. wala akong totol kong matotoloy o hendi ang election. wag nyo lang sanang hosgahan ang mga sk chairman dahil hendi naman lahat pabaya…. thx…..

  58. A consolidated bill postponing barangay and Sangguninang Kabataan (SK or youth council) elections to May 2009 was unanimously approved Monday by the House committee on suffrage and electoral reform and lawmakers said they expect the measure to be approved as early as next week. anong sa tingin nyo makakalosot ba ito sa 3rd reading??

  59. sk-begy2, mukhang pwedeng makalusot. pero, wala pa ring counter-part bill sa senado.

  60. 2loy pba ang ang sk eleksyon…

  61. so far, gon, tuloy pa naman

  62. hello

  63. hey sir

    I have served as SKFederation Chairman in my municipality for 5 yrs, it doesn’t really matter to me may election man o wala but kawawa naman ang 2007 budget ng ‘pinas, billions na ang ginastos last may for election expenses now another billion na naman for election purposes pa rin???!!!at this point,i think it would be best to appropriate gov’t funds for the basic needs of the Filipinos!!

  64. the budget for this years elections have already been allocated during last years budget hearing sa congress…. its because the elections this year are REGULAR elections. hence, these had already been anticipated by our law-making bodies. besides, if the SK & Barangay Elections will be postponed, masasayang lang yung ginsatos na for the preparation thereof, it is important to note that the COMELEC field and central office had been doing some preparations na as early as June of this year for the October 29 Polls and this entails financial expenses…. if may postponement, gagastos na naman ulit for the same thing all over again. Which do u think is now more practical and cost effective?

  65. i’ve just posted the salient points of the guidelines for the filing of certificates of candidacy for the barangay and SK elections. check it out here.

  66. sir, gudday…

    For me, as, i know kong alam nanatin na may kapalpakan sa mga sk ngayo seguro dapat may baguhin tayo sa format ng sk… dapat ang age bracket ay hindi nah 15 to 17.. kay i think more effective naman seguro kong 18 to 21.. dBa?.. para sa aking ang sk hindi ito dapat natin bigyan ng budget na kanilang magagamet. .. kong my sk man ang gawin natin ay e train sila para ihanda sa nga gawain bilang isang leader.. dba may 3yrs dapat na term yon sk official?sa unang taon dapat silang sumabang isang in training… sa in house training nayan my nga ibat ibang klase ng pag aaral kong pa ano mag patakbo ang isang leader, my team building,,. at sa ika lawang taon doon na sila pwd mag serve sa kanilang ibat ibang lugar.. para my kakayahan na sila bilang isang leader.. pangalawa.. dapat may baguhin na sa local government code natin.. dapat ang pwd lang tumakbo sa isang election ay ang taong may pinag aralan.. taong may dignidad.. taong subok nah….. dapat ang wala pinag aralan hindi nayan pwd.. dba ngayo kong mag apply tayo ng janitor kailangang high school graduate… e mataas pa ang qualication ng janitor kay sa elected official dba?….sana magawan nayan ng paraan.. bago pa mahuli ang lahat……tanx you sir….

  67. sir james, i’ve heard amended na kaagad and Resolution 8297, sana ma post na kaagad ninyo para makakuha kami ng copy. thanks a lot.

  68. Gina, merong proposals to amend Reso 8297. But the en banc hasn’t approved those proposals yet. But if they do, we will post it ASAP. Thank you.

  69. sir, pwede bang bigyan niyo ako ng dhilan kung bakit dapat ipagpaliban ang brangay election…..pls….para po yan sa aming debate na paninindigan namin…ang pagsang ayon namin na dapat ipagpaliban ang barangay eleksyon……pls

  70. sir pwede niyo akong i-mailan sa aking email add… ukol sa aking hiningi na request….mga reason kung bakit ikansela ang sk, barangay election…..maghihintay ako….

  71. reynoel, bagaman ako’y hindi sang-ayon” sa pag-postpone ng barangay at SK elections, naisulat ko na rin yung mga pangunahing argument sumusuporta sa postponement. Please check the links.

  72. helo reynoel,,nabasa ko yung tinatanong mo kay sir jimenez….basahin mo na lang yung constitution natin..aritecl 10…local goverment code natin yon….

  73. sir salamat po sa pagsagot mo sa aking kahilingan pero… naisulat mo, sa tagalog yun kasi sa filipino ko gagamitin ang iyong naisulat bilang katibayan s aming grupo…ang pag-sang-ayon sa post ponement
    …pwebe hu ba sir…….

  74. hi, sir alam pho ninyo na shock talaga ako sa pag resign ni chairman abalos.. sana hindi siya nagresign, Ngayo nag resign na siya titigilan naba siya sa mga tao gago?… Sino baya si suplico?sino bayan si Zamora?SIno bayan si Caytano peter?malinis bayan sila?siguro nag malinis lang… dba? Si joey de venicia naman sa tingin ko may tama lang yan sa drugs… katolad siya nang papa niya… pakisabi to chairman abalos nga andito lang kaming taga cebu sa likod niya….sana pwd kanming makakuha ng number ninyo at saka chairman abalos. tanxs..

  75. sir.,.,baki po dapat magkaroon ng sk election.,.or ano po ba ang explanation kapag pro-sk election?tnx po,,,

  76. bontsplat,pati rin ako nagulat sa pare2sign ni chair. abalos…pero dapat isipin mo na ginagawa nila SUPLICO,ZAMORA,PETER CAYETANO ang alam nilang makakabuti sa gobyerno,ngunit ang kamali ng tatlong opisyal ay piliting aminin ni chair. abalos na naka tangap siya ng pera galing sa ZTE…

    sana minsan isipin natin kung sino ang binabanatan natin dahil tumatak na rin sa ating dalawang kapolungan ang mga pangalan nila..

  77. gusto ko lang po na magreak sa balitang pabor ang malacanang sa ipagpaliban ng barangay election sa may 2009,,,nong nakaraang buwan nanood ako ng ress con ni sec ermita, at may nagtanong na reporter na gusto ba ng malacanang na ipag paliban ang barangay at SK election…ang sagot ni sec. ermita ay ayaw…kaninang nanood ako ulit may binigay daw ang ang panglo na certificate of ugent sa bill na naaprobahan ng mababang kapolungan na magpapaliban sa october 29 election…

    Marami na pong gastos ang pamahalaan sa nalalapit na october 29 election,nagpreprent na po ang comelec ng balota at 95% na han da ang comelec,,,at isa pa ang mga tatakbo ay nag pa drug test na sila…at mejo malaki narin ang na gastos ang mag tatakbo…kaya panawagan po sa mga senador na huwag aprobahan ang pagpapaliban sa october 29 election….at tanong ko lang po..san po niula gagamotin ang pera kung ang election ay mapopospnd?..we must respect the ryt of safereg ng mga tao…
    sa po magkaisa na ang mga senador para ituloy ang election…

  78. alam ko debater kng bakit gosto mo matoloy ang election sguro tatakbo ka bilang sk or brgy kagawad. sguro malaki na ang gastos mo sa pagpapa rehestro ng mga taohan mo ano? alam mo masama yan naghahakot ka ng mga to para boboto sayo. kong hendi ka naman tatakbo. hendi mona problima yan kng malaki na ang gasatos ng mga komakandidato sa brgy. alam mo hindi naman ako totol kng may election o wala ang importanti somosonod tayo sa mga mambabatas dahil sla ang gomagawa. at sila rin ang nakaka alam ng ginagawa nila. logmok na naga tayo sa utang tapos palagi pa tayo mag eelecsyon. bakit hendi nalang itoon sa problima ng mga tao na walang trabaho. job opportonity diba.. kng may election de tapos kng wala e di la natayong magagawa ang problima sa phil. ay hendi election kong hendi kahirapan marami nga tayong college school 15 T. gomagrad taon taon tapos 1/4 lng nyan ang nakakapag trabaho.. kaya wake up elecsion is not they answer to the prob. ok…..

  79. tama yan kahirapan dapat unahin…

  80. sir james drug test is use less dahel kahit postive or ngative u pwedi paren u tatakabo sa election tama po ba?

  81. sk-chrman4well Oo tatakbo ako,at hindi ako naghahakot ng mga botante,alam mo kung bakit ako nagcoment ng ganon dahil nalilito na ang mga katulad kong pangarap mag silbi sa barangay namin na aming saklaw,dahil urong sulong ang ginagawa nila,at ang pinaka malaking rason ay linalabag nila ang ating karapatang bomoto at ilang batas hingil sa ELECTION..dahil kong totoosin unti unti nilang tinatanggalan ang taong nakahawak sa timbangan ng katarongan ng pering,sila mismong mga mambabatas ang lumalabag….alam mo sk-chrman4well kawawa rin ang mga taong nagsawa na sa mga opisyal na nasa barangay na hindi nila ginagawa ang kanilang trabaho….

    as a polscie. student i will fyt our right.

  82. debater.. alam ko ang nararamdaman mo gosto mong magsilbi sa brgy para makatolong. alam mo hendi naman kailangan na maging bargy offcial para makatolong. bilang isang tapan na mamayan marami kng magagawa o matotolong sa barangay kng sasali kalang sa mga programa ng brgy. gametin mo kng mga pinag aralan mo.. pero nasa sayo yan.. ang masasabe ko lang hendi naman tayo mga mambabatas na pangonahan ang kanilang mga dsisyon. kahit na nasa demokratikong bansa tayo nawawalan parin tyo ng karapantan. kagayo mo ren ako.. pero nagsasawa na akong isigaw ang ating karapatan dahil wala namang nangyayari. logmok parin tayo sa utang at kahirapan..yan sana dapat ponan ng pansin.. kaya yng gagamtin para sa election gamitn nalang yan sa pagpapa unlad ng ating bansa 🙂

  83. Sir Jimenez may pag-asa ba na hindi matuloy ang election ngayong taon

  84. sir jimenez,
    wat is the guidelines for the brgy. election candidates? tarpulin or any colored materials is allow? tnx

  85. yes sk-crman4well na pwede akong magsilbi sa aking nasasakupan kahit wala ako sa posision ngunit kung nasa posision ka mejo magagawa ang mga dapat mong dahil may kapangyariahan ka….

    at nararamdaman ko rin ang gusto mong mangyari na imbis matuloy ang election eh ilan nalang nila ang pera para sa kaunlaran ng ating bansa..pero ito naman ang isipin mo pano naman uunland ang ating bansa kung hindi natin papalitan ang mga opisyal na nangungurakot…at huwag kang mawalan ng pagasa habang na bubuhay ka pa…dahil ako ipaglalaban ko ang aking karapatan o ating karapatan dahil ang ating mga mambabatas ay sila rin ang lumalabag sa batas ng ating bansa…

    tonton…tuloy na tuloy na ang election natin…

  86. hello sir james..

    nagbrowse ako tungkol sa mga Sk projects now and accidentally i saw your page, nacurious po ako kaya tinignan ko…dami rin palang nag comment dito,,,dats gud…madami pa rin pa lang concern sa bayan natin…:)
    how many days na lang before mag election but still ang issue pa rin ay ang kung matutuloy ba ang election or not..tama naman ang ibang commentor mo marami ng nagastos last may election and ang alam ko walang election na nagaganap sa iisang taon lang am i right?…

    sir james maganda rin po siguro kung magpopost din kayo ng mga projects na naaacomplish ng mga SK para sa magkaroon din po ng idea yung ibang nag log on sa site mo… thanks and more power po….

  87. I am with Mr. James…. I am also running as SK kagawad Because I want soime Change…. Sabi nga ng Adviser ko even though mahina ang kokote ng Chairman pag nagsamasama ang mga kagawad we will win the fight for total change…. But, I am Furious kasi social persons ang mga kalaban ko…. what should I do\??????

  88. pareho pala tayo, i’m also running as an SK councilor here in cebu.
    tama ang sinabi nung advisor nyo.
    di dahil mahina ang kokote ng chairman ay wala nang pag-asa pa.
    ako nga rin eh mga high class yung kalaban namin.
    di naman tayo dapat mag-alala masyado eh.
    kelangan lang natin maging matatag at patuloy na ipaglaban ang ating partido
    para manalo sa darating na eleksyon.
    kung sa tingin natin ay deserving tayo na makuha ang isang posisyon
    dapat natin itong ipaglaban. dapat ituon ang pansin sa paggawa ng
    mga bagay na maaaring makadagdag sa tsansa natin na manalo.
    ang advise ko lang ay kung sakali man na sisiraan kayo sa kabilang partido
    wag nyo nalang pakialaman. balewalain nyo nalang.
    basta ang importante malinis ang intensyon natin
    na kahit man magkalaban kayo ay hindi nito ipinapahiwatig na
    sisiraan na ninyo ang isa’t isa.

  89. atska kung may problema sa mga gastusin, edi mag-solicit kayo
    or magpatulong dun sa mga may kaya.

  90. what other programs will you suggest in order for the sk officials to perform better and make the youth participate?

  91. Massive vote buying and rampant election violations, where can we report this such incidents, happened here at Bancal, Carmona, Cavite…

    HIndi po namin to ipinarating sa inyo dahil natalo ang incumbent chairman, na si Angeles De Salit, Sr. pero garapalan po ang nangyaring pamimili ng boto…Saan po kami lalapit gayong non-partisan politics po ito pero mukhang malaki ang kinalaman dito ng aming mayor na si Loyola? Sana po ay mbigyan ninyo ng sagot….Salamat po.

  92. tnx

  93. what are the jurisdiction of the baranggay chairman fron the SK Chairman.?may karapatan ba syang makialam sa gagawing proyekto ng SK CHAIRMAN.?hanggang saan ang limitations ng bawat isa?!THANKZ.,i need some opinions’.,it would be very much appreciated.

  94. dear sir james,
    gud day, sana po ay matulungan mo ako sa bagay na ito, meron po kaming mga nahuling illegal voters, mga gumamit ng pangalan ng iba at mga flying voters, mga bumoto ng 2 beses. nakuha po namin ang pangalan at apelyido kasama na ang mga taong nag utos na gumawa nito. saan po ba kami magpa file ng kaso, sa comelec po ba o sa probinsyal? natalo po ang aming kandidato at ang gusto lang namin ay maparusahan ang mga kasabwat sa magulong botohan sa aming lugar. kasama na sa kakasuhan namin ay ang chairman na ngpaboto sa lugar namin dahil pinagulo nla ang botohan, bibnibigyan nla ng balota at pinaboboto kht wala pang pirma at thumbmark sa voters list, at wala clang thorough check up sa files ng botante kaya nakakaboto ang hindi rehistrado. at hindi nla kgad nilalagyan ng ink bago ihulog ang balota kaya mrong nakaboto na walang ink ang kamay dhl hinayaan nilang makaalis kgad ito at kasama pa sa bilang ang balotang iyon sa halip na markahan ng spoiled ballot. matgal na pong nangyayari ang gnitong dayaan sa aming lugar kaya gusto naming matigil ang pandarayang ito, san po ano po kaya ang dapat naming gawin? saan po kami lalapit at hihingi ng tulong? maraming salamat po sa inyong panahon at sana ay matulungan u kmi.

  95. sir, ask ko lang po sana kung excuse po ba sa klase ang mga estudyanteng nanalo sa sk election pagmerong session?
    kelan din po ba excuse ang mga estudyante sa session?

  96. sir may i ask kung gaano kahalaga angf election sa sangguniang kabataan?

  97. ano ba ang mabuting idinodulot ng sangguniang kabataan election?

  98. u know what guys doon sa mga nanalo bilang isang sk. responsibilidad ninyo na toparin ang inyong mga obligasyan. hendi kayo excuse sa mga sesion. dapat pa nga e may duty kayo isang besis sa isang lingo. hendi kayo nagpa elek bilang isang sk para lang tomanggap ng honorarm. hendi panga kayo naka upo. gosto nyo ng mag absnt sa sesion..

  99. the Sangguniang Kabataan was created to help train and mold the leaders of tomorrow, kumbaga its a training ground for future leaders of teh community so as to give teh youth of today a taste of how big a responsibility it is being one of the “pillars of society”. sadly, it has degenerated into a mere auction of power. kung sino ang may pera, siya ang nananalo. this is true specially in barangays where there are only a small number of SK voters, where candidates can afford to buy their office for a sum as high as P2,000 per vote.


  101. WENSKIE, too soon to tell

  102. ask ko lang po sir kung may privelege po b ang mga sk councilmen?? d ko po kxe na ma avail ung sa tuition fee discount…
    SECTION. 434. Privileges of Sangguniang Kabataan Officials. – The Sangguniang Kabataan chairman shall have the same privileges enjoyed by other Sangguniang Barangay officials under this Code subject to such requirements and limitations provided herein. During their incumbency, Sangguniang Kabataan officials shall be exempt from payment of tuition and matriculation fees while enrolled in public tertiary schools, including state colleges and universities. The national government shall reimburse said college or university the amount of the tuition and matriculation fees: Provided, That, to qualify for the privilege, the said officials shall enroll in the state college or university within or nearest their area of jurisdiction.

    nag a2ral po aq sa private University…

  103. WENSKIE!!!!!!! hendi ka panga nakapag selbi sa barangay naghahangad kana ng election postpone for sure nanalo ka sa election dahl malaki ang inyong binayan sa mga tao you know what magsilbi ka nalang mona sa barangay gawn mo ang iyong responsbilidad… para sa mga new sk hendi lahat larolaro ang gawn nyong projct.. magpa trening semnar kau…ok…

  104. Jst wanna ask… Wat wil be the COMELEC’s role just in case WINNING CANDIDATES won’t file their SWORN STATEMENT OF ELECTION CONTRIBUTIONS AND EXPENDITURES?

  105. same query with EO Mhon….. naka oath taking na ang mga nanalo last October 29 Election yet some of them have not filed their SECE. what then?

  106. can i ask if sk officials are exempted from taking NSTP?

  107. ur change in the design of the reply form is least now, everybody can read their full comment before submitting it. dati kc pag napahaba na ung comment e d mu na mabasa ung mga naunang naisulat. LOL!..Un po plang tanong namin ni EO MACUTE, wala pa sagot. God bless the Philippines.

  108. kindly post the guidelines on SK Federation election.

  109. ask q lang kung 22o bang wla nang NSTP ang mga newly eleted sk officials??? asap for reply

  110. ………. I was elected as Sk Chairman in our Barangay. Mahirap naman kung magduduty pa ang isang SK Chairman maski isang beses lamg sa isang linggo lalo na’t tulad kong nag aaral sa medyo kalayuang paaralan, it was about 4-5 hours lang naman. At ang daming sakripisyo para lang magampanan ang tungkulin, ang mahirap pa diyan ginigipit ka ng Kapitan niyo pagdating sa pondo. Gusto nila sila lang may karapatan.Ang masama pa dun uuwi ka for the liga at mag aabsent ka. Ako bilang Sk Chairman parang walang karapatan na gumawa ng aksyon.

  111. There shall be in every Barangay a Sangguniang Kabataan to be composed of a chairman, seven (7) members, a secretary, and a treasurer.
    A Sangguniang Kabataan official who, during his term of office, shall have passed the age of twenty-one (21) years shall be allowed to serve the remaining portion of the term for which he was elected.

    SECTION. 424. Katipunan ng Kabataan. – The katipunan ng kabataan shall be composed of all citizens of the Philippines actually residing in the Barangay for at least six (6) months, who are fifteen (15) but not more than twenty-one (21) years of age, and who are duly registered in the list of the Sangguniang Kabataan or in the official Barangay list in the custody of the Barangay secretary.

    SECTION. 425. Meetings of the Katipunan ng Kabataan. – The katipunan ng kabataan shall meet at least once every three (3) months, or at the call of the chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan or upon written petition of at least one-twentieth(1/20) of its members, to decide on important issues affecting the youth of the Barangay .

    SECTION. 426. Powers and Functions of the Sangguniang Kabataan. – The Sangguniang Kabataan shall:

    (a) Promulgate resolutions necessary to carry out the objectives of the youth in the Barangay in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Code;

    (b) Initiate programs designed to enhance the social, political, economic, cultural, intellectual, moral, spiritual, and physical development of the members;

    (c) Hold fund-raising activities, the proceeds of which shall be tax-exempt and shall accrue to the general fund of the Sangguniang Kabataan: Provided, however, That in the appropriation thereof, the specific purpose for which such activity has been held shall be first satisfied;

    (d) Create such bodies or committees as it may deem necessary to effectively carry out its programs and activities;

    (e) Submit annual and end-of-term reports to the Sangguniang Barangay on their projects and activities for the survival and development of the youth in the Barangay ;

    (f) Consult and coordinate with all youth organizations in the Barangay for policy formulation and program implementation;

    (g) Coordinate with the appropriate national agency for the implementation of youth development projects and programs at the national level;

    (h) Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as the Sangguniang Barangay may determine or delegate or as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

    SECTION. 427. Meetings of the Sangguniang Kabataan. – The Sangguniang Kabataan shall meet regularly once a month on the date, time, and place to be fixed by the said sanggunian. Special meetings may be called by the Sangguniang Kabataan chairman or any three (3) of its members by giving written notice to all members of the date, time, place, and agenda of the meeting at least one (1) day in advance. Notices of regular or special meetings shall be furnished the Punong Barangay and the Sangguniang Barangay.

    A majority of the members of the Sangguniang Kabataan shall constitute a quorum.

    SECTION. 428. Qualifications. – An elective official of the Sangguniang Kabataan must be a citizen of the Philippines, a qualified voter of the katipunan ng kabataan, a resident of the Barangay for at least one (1) year immediately prior to election, at least fifteen (15) years but not more than twenty-one (21) years of age on the day of his election, able to read and write Filipino, English, or the local dialect, and must not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude.

    SECTION. 429. Term of Office. – The Sangguniang Kabataan chairman and members shall hold office for a period of three (3) years, unless sooner removed for cause as provided by law, permanently incapacitated, die or resign from office.

    SECTION. 430. Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman. – The registered voters of the katipunan ng kabataan shall elect the chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan who shall automatically serve as an ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Barangay upon his assumption to office. As such, he shall exercise the same powers, discharge the same duties and functions, and enjoy the same privileges as the regular Sangguniang Barangay members, and shall be the chairman of the committee on youth and sports development in the said sanggunian.

    SECTION. 431. Powers and Duties of the Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman. – In addition to the duties which may be assigned to him by the Sangguniang Barangay, the Sangguniang Kabataan chairman shall:

    (a) Call and preside over all meetings of the katipunan ng kabataan and the Sangguniang Kabataan;

    (b) Implement policies, programs, and projects within his jurisdiction in coordination with the Sangguniang Barangay ;

    (c) Exercise general supervision over the affairs and activities of the Sangguniang Kabataan and the official conduct of its members, and such other officers of the Sangguniang Kabataan within his jurisdiction;

    (d) With the concurrence of the Sangguniang Kabataan, appoint from among the members of the Sangguniang Kabataan, the secretary and treasurer, and such other officers as may be deemed necessary; and

    (e) Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

    SECTION. 432. Sangguniang Kabataan Secretary. – The Sangguniang Kabataan secretary shall :

    (a) Keep all records of the katipunan ng kabataan and Sangguniang Kabataan;

    (b) Prepare and keep the minutes of all meetings of the katipunan ng kabataan and Sangguniang Kabataan;

    (c) Prepare all forms necessary for the conduct of registrations, elections, initiatives, referenda, or plebiscites, in coordination with the Barangay secretary and the Comelec; and

    (d) Perform such other duties and discharge such other functions as the chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan may prescribe or direct.

    SECTION. 433. Sangguniang Kabataan Treasurer. – The Sangguniang Kabataan treasurer shall:

    (a) Take custody of all Sangguniang Kabataan property and funds not otherwise deposited with the city or municipal treasurer;

    (b) Collect and receive contributions, monies, materials, and all other resources intended for the Sangguniang Kabataan and katipunan ng kabataan;

    (c) Disburse funds in accordance with an approved budget of the Sangguniang Kabataan;

    (d) Certify to the availability of funds whenever necessary;

    (e) Submit to the Sangguniang Kabataan and to the Sangguniang Barangay certified and detailed statements of actual income and expenditures at the end of every month; and

    (f) Perform such other duties and discharge such other functions as the chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan may direct.

    SECTION. 434. Privileges of Sangguniang Kabataan Officials. – The Sangguniang Kabataan chairman shall have the same privileges enjoyed by other Sangguniang Barangay officials under this Code subject to such requirements and limitations provided herein. During their incumbency, Sangguniang Kabataan officials shall be exempt from payment of tuition and matriculation fees while enrolled in public tertiary schools, including state colleges and universities. The national government shall reimburse said college or university the amount of the tuition and matriculation fees: Provided, That, to qualify for the privilege, the said officials shall enroll in the state college or university within or nearest their area of jurisdiction.

    SECTION. 435. Succession and Filling of Vacancies. – (a) In case a Sangguniang Kabataan chairman refuses to assume office, fails to qualify, is convicted of a felony, voluntarily resigns, dies, is permanently incapacitated, is removed from office, or has been absent without leave for more than three (3) consecutive months, the Sangguniang Kabataan member who obtained the next highest number of votes in the election immediately preceding shall assume the office of the chairman for the unexpired portion of the term, and shall discharge the powers and duties, and enjoy the rights and privileges appurtenant to the office. In case the said member refuses to assume the position or fails to qualify, the sanggunian member obtaining the next highest number of votes shall assume the position of the chairman for the unexpired portion of the term.

    (b) Where two (2) or more Sangguniang Kabataan members obtained the same next highest number of votes, the other Sangguniang Kabataan members shall conduct an election to choose the successor to the chairman from among the said members.

    (c) After the vacancy shall have been filled, the Sangguniang Kabataan chairman shall call a special election to complete the membership of said sanggunian. Such Sangguniang Kabataan member shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the term of the vacant seat.

    (d) In case of suspension of the Sangguniang Kabataan chairman, the successor, as determined in subsections (a) and(b) of this section shall assume the position during the period of such suspension.


    SECTION. 436. Pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan. – (a) There shall be an organization of all the pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan to be known as follows:

    (1) in municipalities, pambayang pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan;

    (2) in cities, panlungsod na pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan;

    (3) in provinces, panlalawigang pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan;

    (4) in special metropolitan political subdivisions, pangmetropolitang pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan; and

    (5) on the national level, pambansang pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan.

    (b) The pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan shall, at all levels, elect from among themselves the president, vice-president and such other officers as may be necessary and shall be organized in the following manner:

    a. The panlungsod and pambayang pederasyon shall be composed of the Sangguniang Kabataan chairmen of Barangays in the city or municipality, respectively;

    b. The panlalawigang pederasyon shall be composed of presidents of the panlungsod and pambayang pederasyon;

    c. The pangmetropolitang pederasyon shall be composed of presidents of the panlungsod and pambayang pederasyon;

    (c) The elected presidents of the pederasyon at the provincial, highly urbanized city, and metropolitan political subdivision levels shall constitute the pambansang katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan.

    SECTION. 437. Constitution and By-Laws. – The term of office, manner of election, removal and suspension of the officers of the pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan at all levels shall be governed by the constitution and by-laws of the pederasyon in conformity with the provisions of this Code and national policies on youth.

    SECTION. 438. Membership in the Sanggunian. – (a) A Sangguniang Kabataan chairman shall, upon certification of his election by the Comelec and during his tenure of office is elected as pederasyon president, serve as an ex-officio member of the Sanggunian Panlalawigan, Sangguniang Panlungsod, and Sangguniang Bayan, as the case may be, without need of further appointment.

    (b) The vice-president of the pederasyon whose president has been elected as president of a higher pederasyon shall serve as ex-officio member of the sanggunian concerned without need of further appointment.

    (c) The pederasyon president or vice-president, as the case may be, shall be the chairman of the committee on youth and sports development of the sanggunian concerned.


    SECTION. 439. Observance of Linggo ng Kabataan. – (a) Every Barangay, municipality, city and province shall, in coordination with the pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan at all levels, conduct an annual activity to be known as the Linggo ng Kabataan on such date as shall be determined by the Office of the President.

    (b) The observance of the Linggo ng Kabataan shall include the election of the counterparts of all local elective and appointive officials, as well as heads of national offices or agencies stationed or assigned in the territorial jurisdiction of the local government unit, among in-school and community youth residing in the local government unit concerned from ages thirteen (13) to seventeen (17). During said week, they shall hold office as boy and girl officials and shall perform such duties and conduct such activities as may be provided in the ordinance enacted pursuant to this Chapter.

  112. Sanggunlang Kabataan
    Creation and Election (a) There shall be in every barangay a Sangguniang Kabataan to be composed of a chairman, seven members, a secretary and a treasurer. (b) A Sangguniang Kabataan official who, during his term of office, shall have passed the age of twenty-one (21) years shall be allowed to serve the remaining portion of the term for which he was elected.

  113. What is the SK?

    The Sangguniang Kabataan or youth council is the governing body of the youth assembly or Katipunan ng Kabataan of every barangay. They are elected by the members of, the Katipunan ng Kabataan in elections conducted by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

  114. What Is the Katlpunan ng Kabataan?

    The Katipunan ng Kabataan is an assembly of youths in every barangaywhose primary objective is to enhance the social, political, economic, cultural, intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical development of the youth in the country. This is based on the mandate of the 1987 Constitution, which provides on Section 13, Article II states that the state recognizes the vital role of the Youth in nation-building and shall promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being. It shall inculcate in the youth patriotism and nationalism and encourage their involvement in public and civic affairs.

  115. What are the powers and functions of the Sanggunlang Kabataan?

    Promulgate resolutions necessary to carry out the objectives of the youth in the barangay, in accordance with applicable provisions of the Code; Initiate programs designed to enhance the social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical development of the mem bets; Hold fund raising activities, the proceeds of which shall be tax exempt and shall accrue to the Sangguniang Kabataan general fund; Create such bodies or committees necessary to effectively carry out its programs and activities; Submit annual end-of-term reports to the Sangguniang Barangay on their projects and activities; Consult and coordinate with all youth urganizatiuns in the barangay for policy formulation and program implementation; Coordinate with the Presidential Council fur Youths (PCYA) and other National Government Agencies (NGA) concerned fur the implementation of youth development projects and programs at the national level; and Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as the Sangguniang Barangay may determine or delegate or as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

  116. as a Sanggunlang Kabataan Chairman

    The Chairman shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Berangay Council upon assumption of office. As such he shall exercise the same powers, discharge the same duties and functions, and enjoy the same privileges as the regular Barangay Council member. He also serves as the chairman of the committee on youth and sports development in the barangay council.

  117. Where shall the SK draw Its funds?

    The SK receives ten (10) percent of the general fund of the barangay(Sec.329). it can hold fund-raising activities (Sec. 426c) And it can receive contributions. (Sec. 433b)

    Privileges of the SK Officials

    The SK Chairman have-the same privileges as the other batangay officials. During their incumbency, SK Officials are exempted from payment of tuition and matriculation fees while enrolled in public tertiary schools, including state colleges and universities

  118. Leadership Training Seminar

    i made this project because i want our younger youth leaders enhance their skills to become a good leader and prepared them to become the next SK officials.

    Theatrical Workshop

    This project is about giving importance to the skills and talents of our youth. Those who knows how to act, sing and dance were invited to further enhance their skills. This workshop eventually led to the creation of Dulaang SK

    Annual Sportsfest

    Basketball and Volleyball tournament are held annually. It is the activity which always gain many participants. i consistently do this project to make the summer vacation of the youth students worthwhile, challenging and fun

    Distribution of Clean and Green Equipments

    i made this project as our commitment to make our environiment clean and green with the help of the members of the youth organization.

    Upcoming Projects

    Barangay Library, i want to set up this project as soon as possible so we can help the students residing in our b-gay be motivated in their studies.

  119. good day!!
    isa po akong sk chairman sa camarines norte dito po sa vinzons. totoo po bang ang sk councilor ay mawawalan ng scholarship? kasi ayaw pa nung states college dito na maging scholar ang sk councilors kasi nalulugi na raw yung skul kaya ayaw pumayag na pati ang mga sk councilors maging scholar! ano po tamang gawin?

  120. Ask ko lang po, kung ang isa sa mga brgy kagawad ay mamatay, ano po ang mangyayari sa position niya? sino po ang magta-take over ng position nya? paano po ang tamang systema o batas? Salamat po…

  121. pEde pOe mLaMn kUnG mAy sAhoD pO ba aNg bawAt sK kAgAwAd……..
    aT mALamAn po kUng aNU pO aNg iba pAng mGa bAtas……sANa pO ma2lUnGan pO ninyo akO…..

  122. kunG bawAt sK kAgAwaD eh..
    mAy pOsitiOn aY maariNg mAgkarOon nG sArlinG bAdget…..

  123. at maaRi kO rIn pO ba malaman aNg mga bAtas nG sK kAgAwad……….
    kUng aNo po aNg mGa ito?

  124. sALaMaT po………….

  125. gOod dAy….. pedE mLamn kUng kPAg AnG isaNg sk kAgAwad ay nAgtRabaHo..
    dEn di pO syAc nKa2ation nG mGa meetiNg Eh nAwA2lan po sya nG 1 mOnth aLlw.
    sALamat po……………./

  126. JUST A QUERY:

    I am an incumbent SK Kagawad of Barangay Marilag, Quezon City and an incoming College freshman. I certainly would like to avail of the free tuition/matriculation fee privileges of SK officials. By turn of fate, however, i will be forced to enroll at UP Baguio with plans of transferring to UP Diliman in the near future. With the limitations as to its availment provided in Sec. 434 that the SK official enrols in the state college nearest his jurisdiction, would I still be entitled to this privilege given the circumstances as stated?

    Thank you Sir in advance

  127. Ahh..ok…please support SK Kagawad Nizza Torres

  128. hello,

    i am newly elected kagawad of a barangay. i would like to know how to introduce a resolution in our barangay promoting the motto, “ipagmalaki mo!” as i want our constituents, specially the young ones to be inculcated in their minds to be proud of their barangay. thanks


  129. help me pls..gusto ko po 2ruan niyo ako pano gumawa ng resolution??para sa sk or bigyan mo po ako ng ng kahit 1 example lng pls…

  130. just want to ask kong pwede bang pigilan ng punong barangay ang funds ng sangguniang kabataan?

  131. hi sir…ask lang po ako if there’s a scholarship program for sk kagawad..sabi nila sk chairman lang daw ang meron….totoo po bah sir?

  132. ang shuangit ng page na to ang tanga ko wala dito ang tanong na hinahanap ko

  133. Mr. Jimenez,

    How about this coming 2010 elections, tama ba yung naririnig ko na ang age bracket sa SK ay 18-21? Dapat open to all youth ang SK….paano na yung mga 18 up, hindi na maka vote and run during elections kc ang age bracket ng SK ay 15-17.

    your answer is a big help.

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