No TRO redux

After more than six hours of oral arguments – the lion’s (or should i say lioness’) share of which was devoted to the intrepid Atty. de Lima – the Supreme Court ended up deadlocked on whether it should grant Atty. Koko Pimentel’s prayer for a temporary restraining order.

Leaving aside analyzing the ramifications of that 7-7 vote, the failure of the Court to issue a TRO clears the way for the COMELEC to proceed with the proclamation of the 12th winning senator.

Juan Miguel Zubiri’s proclamation as Senator-elect will take place later (14 July 2007) at 10:00 am, at the COMELEC session hall.


One Response

  1. The SC played it safe. Let’s see what will be the final ruling and arguments.

    Going back to the Maguindanao MCOCs and PCOC as raised by Atty. De Lima. How come the the COMELEC (MBOCs and PBOC) allowed the canvassing of six towns with mathematically over the limit total of votes received by the candidates? Are the ballots in Maguindanao have 13 or more spaces for Senators? How about the COMELEC’s Auditing Team, did they not catch these glaring mistakes? Don’t tell me it’s “clerical error”.

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