Stakeholder Summit tidbit

I read in the papers today how Halalang Marangal hinted that it might use the Stakeholder Summit as a venue for showing how their ‘open source software’ proved cheating in Maguindanao. According to the report, this software was actually an open-source spreadsheet similar to Microsoft’s Excel, Calc – apparently misreported as Impress (thanks Activism 102).

Like Activism 102, I have my doubts that it was only the spreadsheet that was used to come to this purportedly (inasmuch as they have not, to my knowledge, actually made the claim of conclusiveness) conclusive evidence of cheating. But then again, I’ve never seen Calc in action.


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  1. Hi James,

    I’m Obet Verzola of Halalang Marangal. We have met on some forums. Iwas interviewed by that reporter. As usual, it is hard to make judgments simply from newspaper quotes, If you want to know what we said exactly and in full, pls download Halal’s Report #4 from

    We did use OpenOffice for our work, Calc for analysis, Impress for presentations and Word for the report itself. These are simply the free versions of their commercial equivalents for spreadsheets, presentation software and word processing software.

    By the way, I’ve been trying for weeks to get a copy of the Bedol COC which was set aside by Comelec, with no success so far.


    Obet Verzola

  2. Hi Obet,

    Thanks for commenting, and thank you very much for pointing me to where I can download your report. I wrote this post from a predominantly tech p-o-v, myself being almost functionally illiterate in the mysteries of spreadsheets.

    See you at the Summit!


  3. […] Verzola himself commented on this blog a few days ago: “As usual, it is hard to make judgments simply from newspaper […]

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