Advisory Council met today

Erwin Oliva has a report on today’s meeting of the Advisory Council, here.

The conclusion reported by Erwin is bound to cause a reaction, considering everybody and his mother has been egging the COMELEC to pilot automation for the barangay elections.

My take on it is that even if we could, there is still the question of consolidation. The key feature of automation is that it speeds up the consolidation of election results, so that is the feature we must be most keen to test: will consolidation be as quick as we want it to be. More to the point, will it be accurate? You just can’t test that within the framework of the barangay and SK elections.


2 Responses

  1. Ingat kayo kay Erwin Oliva.. he has a proven track record of twisting facts to create fictional controversies and issues with his otherwise boring stories.

  2. Hey Dadi Pitow,

    twist facts and create fictional controversies with otherwise boring stories? hmmm…i guess you even bothered to read them. haay Pinoy talaga.

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