Push to postpone

The proliferation of news articles today, all speaking of the move in the House of Representatives to postpone the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections, has got me shaking my head. Read the piece in the Malaya, and the one in the Manila Bulletin. There are others, but you can only read them in meatspace. Those two, however, are representative enough.

The pro-postponement Reps  have put forth these arguments:

1. “Excessive spending for two national elections less than six months apart could stoke inflation, put considerable upward pressure on interest rates and spoil the country’s financial and economic recovery.”

2. “The holding of successive elections in the country have adversely affected government public works projects. The 45-day election ban in the awarding of contracts and implementation of infrastructure projects (during the run up to the B&SK elections) could further hamper their completion.”

3. “Comelec might encounter problems in supplying ballot boxes which are still occupied as a result of the May 14 senatorial and local government race.”

4. “Postponing the elections will give more time for the amendment of the SK voting age to be expanded to include 15-18 year olds .”

Does anybody agree with any of these arguments?


7 Responses

  1. Agree, disagree, agree, disagree

    It there thruth about the sexcapade?

  2. hey washington. thanks for the input. About the sexcapade, he says it isn’t true. I believe him. From what i know about him, he’s a family man firmly under the missus’ thumb (haha). Seriously, he just doesn’t strike me as the type to go cavorting with pros. Golf pros maybe, but working girls? I don’t think so.

  3. why postpone now? we’ve done a lot since the registration and resetting would mean that the sacrifices made by those on the field would go for naught. our lawmakers are conjuring up every alibi in the book when they have to face the reality that barangay execs are already overstaying (at least for the poor performers). i don’t think it’s in the best interest of the comelec to hold the barangay and sk polls simultanoeusly with the ARMM elections. conduct the polls now then we could effectively deal with ARMM later.

    if the bosses forgot a general registration should be in the works next year. we frontliners believe that a new enlistment is in order. no use having a state-of the-art database with muddled lists. the national list of registered voters can be purged if we signed up anew.

  4. i totally agree with CEO ravanzo… postponing the SK & Barangay Elections will just be a problem waiting to happen… certain programs are already set for next year (general reg, ARMM ELections, etc…). My personal belief is that these “honorable” Congressmen of ours are just trying their best to dodge from the millions of pesos they are going to shell out to support the barangay officials who are seeking re-election or election…. specially since most of them had promised ample financial aid during the campaign period for the MAy 14 Polls. As one of the many frontliners of the Commission, I say that it is about time we hold the SK & Barangay ELections

  5. sir salamt po sa pagsagot s aking hiling. Pero mas mabuti kung tagalog hu iyon kasi sa filipino subject namin yun gagamitin at ito na ang nagsisilbing final namin….pwede po ba sa taglog nakasulat ang push to postpone…..pls…psl…

  6. sir i want the tagalog version of this…plss… sa filipino subject kasi namin iprisinta…..pra yan sa aming final….gagamitin ko kac yan bilang katibayan s aming debate….

  7. pls…..

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