Again with the contempt

On the heels of Abalos’ announcement that Lintang Bedol’s motion for reconsideration was denied, Bedol’s lawyer Andrei Tagum took a page from Bedol’s play book and showed his contempt for the Commission:

Tagum admitted that they were “half-expecting” the Comelec to junk their motion for reconsideration.

“If we go by the history of the commission, I don’t think they have ever reversed their decision because that would be an admission that they erred.  There’s no other remedy for us with the Comelec so we might go to the Supreme Court,” he maintained. 

When a quasi-judicial body declines to reverse its decision on a motion for reconsideration, it is because the arguments in the motion do not justify reversal, or because the motion failed to present any new arguments, i.e., different from – or perhaps better than – those that led to the original adverse decision.

It strikes me as being extremely arrogant for defeated lawyers to claim that the tribunal before which they are arguing is composed of petty men who would rather perpetuate an injustice than to admit their error.  Arrogant and sophomoric.


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