Like watching a train wreck

You see it unfolding before your very eyes, and yet you can do nothing to stop it happening.


5 Responses

  1. Hi James!

    What is it the is unfolding before your very eyes?

    Why can’t you do anything about it? Don’t you have the means of stoping it? Why?

  2. hey silver. i’m talking about the moves to postpone the B&SK elections. everything happening on that front is happening in Congress.

  3. Salam. I was thinking of another train, a bullet train which you yourself and maybe most of us can’t stop. Its unstoppable speed but with its defective brakes will surely ram itself to a wall made of clay and destroy its very existence and the perception of its being indestructible. Why was it allowed ?

  4. isn’t it a surprise? i was expecting all systems go sir james. we’re still coming out with the list so painstakingly prepared for october.. am keeping my fingers crossed..

  5. well, for now, all systems are go, remarque. hopefully, this postponement move doesn’t prosper.

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