It’s the Senate’s call

This continued reportage on the House’s efforts to postpone the B&SK elections is causing alot of confusion. The good thing about this particular article, tho, is that while it serves to inform the public that the House is totally committed to the idea of postponement, it actually points out a very crucial detail: It isn’t up to the House.

The fate of the measure will still depend on the Senate, however.

The elections will still push through if the Senate fails to act on the legislation.

“It will be up to the Senate to decide whether the polls should be postponed or not,” House Majority Leader Arthur Defensor said.

This is what I’ve been saying all along. If the Senate doesn’t act on the House measure, the elections will push through as scheduled. So the question becomes, will the Senate? Or won’t it?

Senate President Manuel Villar has already made his opinion public, so at that level at least, resistance to the postponement can be expected. I don’t know about the others, but I suspect Senator Pimentel won’t be too keen on it either.

Hopefully, inertia too will be on the side of pushing through with the elections on the 29th of October 2007.


8 Responses

  1. sana po hindi pumayag ang mga senador na mapospund ang election dahil marami ng mga barangay officials at SK officials na lumagpas na sa tinatakda ng batas…..

    lets pray that the election will push tru

  2. the ball is now in the senate’s hands. hail the fifty lawmakers who voted for the october polls to continue! i still believe there are a few good souls left in congress. the debate in the upper house will be an eye-opener. i hope the solons bear in mind that fresh mandate is needed in the grassroots level..

  3. after all that we’ve been through here in the field office.. i think we deserve some respect here… election should push through… otherwise we might be called “bunch of idiots” by our asian neighbors…

  4. maraming salamat sa mga congresmans na hindi somuporta sa pagpapaliban ng election sa october 29..cguro ung mga somuporta sa pagpapaliban sa election ay may mangyayari na kababalaghan sa kanilang nasasakupan na kung san sila ang mamamahala…

    sana po sa mga senador isipin niyo ang kapakanan ng nakakarami at hindi lang ang sariling interis ang mangigibabaw..

  5. to all who want to run this coming october election you must prepwre now,,beCoz the senate gave ther statement that they will not soppurt the proposal to defer the up coming election..

  6. consummatum est. it’s time to prepare for the october polls. thank you ladies and gentlemen of the senate..

  7. to the two chambers of Philippine Legislation, ‘HoR’ & the Senate, UNITY still plays a great part. Pls come up to a unified decision with regards to the upcoming barangay and sk elections. Very confusing kasi if there are 2 brilliant points. This tym, pls try to please the entire populace!!! Listen and be heard…tnx

  8. it must be continued because the budget of the extended registration will be wasted and it must be registered again if the sk election will be posponed

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