Hope they don’t flip-flop

Seems like Senator Richard J. Gordon is hopping mad that his peers in the Senate don’t want to postpone the Barangay Elections. According to him, by not giving the COMELEC more time to prepare, the Senate is ‘allowing’ COMELEC to violate the automation law. In the meantime, Rep. Prospero Nograles wants to use the ZTE troubles besetting the Chairman as a reason to delay the polls.

But, as I’ve argued before, the law does not compel the performance of an impossible thing. So, if not automating is because of a physical impossibility brought about by the lack of time, how can there be a violation of law, as the Senator maintains. To me, his claim seems arguable at best.

Rep. Nograles’ position, however, is another matter altogether. The COMELEC is ready to hold the elections. The Chairman himself has insisted that the matter of elections takes precedence. He even asked for a re-scheduling of his Senate appearance precisely because he had to attend B&SK elections-related activities.


2 Responses

  1. no need for a machine to exercise our right of suffrage, gordy. will get to automation once we’re done with the october polls. modernization isn’t an overnight affair. and no use rushing things if we want a fool-proof system.

  2. good day sir, do we have a reso re: OT on Sept. 29 (sat) for purposes of receiving COCs. Please post it if available na. Thanks. God Bless…

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