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UPDATE: Secretary Ed Ermita clarified that the President isn’t postponing the elections. He says that, despite the certification of urgency, the decision to postpone is ultimately for Congress to make.

The President has certified as urgent, the House Bill seeking the postponement of the Barangay and SK elections.

That’s all over the news. I’m repeating it here for the purpose of clarifying the mess of misinterpretations and wrong conclusions spawned by that bit of news: the President’s certification DOES NOT postpone the B&SK elections. At most, it probably means that the President is in favor of postponement.

Which means, further, that the Senate still has to bestir itself to act on the postponement proposal, bring their version of the Bill to a bicam conference with the House, harmonize the two versions, finalize the bill, and have the President sign it. All in a matter of twenty-six days.

What effect does the President’s certification have on the COMELEC’s preparations? None, whatsoever. Until a law is passed, the COMELEC will continue its preparations for the B&SK elections. So, if you think about it, the sooner this issue is resolved on way or the other, the better for all of us.


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  1. i am already confused about b&sk election… hope u can feed us the FINAL decision soon..I have plans to run as Councilman and yet, iam still appointed as Barangay Secretary somewhere in QC..its clear that if you seek a higher position, you must resign before you file your COC.. YET, this confusion makes me bothered till i heard about the URGENT proposal from the President.. i dont know what to do.. hope that DECISION will be made soon and FINAL…

  2. confused secretary, i agree with you completely. as soon as we have the final word, i will post it on this blog.

  3. tnx mr. jimenez..i am not confident with media reports whether the election will push thru or not… i believe that your office has the final judgement re: this matter..

  4. if this matter was urgent, it should have been certified so earlier. that way the urgency could have been more pronounced. but noooo. politics always rears its ugly in times when common sense dictates the better judgement. comelec field officials are just following orders folks.

  5. confuse secretary,,,lates news about the urgency of the bill postponing the october 29 election,senate pres. manny villar said that there is no time to tAkel the bill beCoz sen gordon is out of the country and sen. villar also said that majority of the senators are not infevor to postpond the october 29 election althou there are senators who are infavore to postpond…

  6. can we set an interview with you or anyone who is very knowledgeable of the preparations for the village and youth council elections? i am a fourth year mass comm student minor in broadcast journalism, we are conducting a special report regarding sk and brgy elections. we are really need your side regarding this importan matter, i think that we should follow the law, and the law says oct 29, 2007 will be for the synchronized SK and brgy elections.

  7. altho the COMELEC announced that all systems go, we havent received guidelines and official MEMORANDAS from diff agencies concerned re: the forthcoming election, we still dont have the guidelines particularly how much will u spend for the campaigns; restricted election paraphernalias; and personally, is it possible that the COMELEC can finish the printing and dissemination of qualified candidates on or before oct 29? the filing of COC will end on oct. 18, 11 days before election.. i dont think they can make it.. iam not in favor of the postponement its just the benifit of the doubt.


  9. sure filipina.

  10. confused, the guidelines will be out next week. as for the dissemination of the names of qualified candidates, this can be done by the local COMELEC. However, I will bring up your concerns, to the Commission. Thank you for the feedback.

  11. confused secretary,cguro namsn ang nasa comelec ngayon ay Bzing Bz sa pag gawa sa mga kailangang gamtin sa nalalapit na october29 election..kasi dito samin ay talagang ginagawa nila ang kanilang makakaya dahil karamihan sa mga comelec officers ay gusto rin nilang matuloy ang election

  12. mr. jimenez, am glad that the elections will push through… we passed a letter to the Comelec’s office for interview, but we have’t received any response yet.. hope we can really hear from the office.. God bless!

  13. which office, filipina? if you need to get in touch with me, you need to go to the central office in intramuros

  14. sir james, sana ma post na ang guidelines regarding sa campaign of the candidates,i.e. cost allowed, sizes of campaign materials, t-shirts and other campaign freebies, etc…

  15. based on my research on the net..there is one article of interview with speaker manny villar, he sez that the b&sk election will push through, is this the final word from the senate? he sez that “TULOY NA SIGURO”.. some article sez that 14 senators are in favor of the postponement, very confusing talaga..

  16. yes mr. jimenez to the central office in intramuros. we were informed that you’re sick. i really hope i can interview you tomorrow morning. we’ve been updating the letter for about a week now but we never had clear response from the office so i thought of communicating with you thru this. i know you’re very knowleddgeable about the topic, this is a special report regarding village and youth council elections and this is part of our final rrequirements. I really hope i can meet you tomorrow morning. please. please. God bless!

  17. hope o here from you tonight. thanks!!

  18. will see you tomorrow, then.

  19. thnk you mr. jimenez. what time in the morning can we go to your office? God bless!

  20. Mr. jimenez, do i (we) have the assurance that the forthcoming election will push through this year?.. we conducted our council meeting to finalize the possible candidates (in our sanggunian).. my resignation papers are ready as well as our BSDO whose aspiring as Kagawad..

  21. Hi Filipina, from what school are you?

  22. Confused secretary, forgive me but you know as well as I do that whether this election pushes through or not is out of the COMELEC’s hands. The decision to postpone the B&SK elections is truly up to Congress, so I can’t give you the assurance you’re asking for.

    On the other hand, I can assure you that the COMELEC stands ready to administer these elections come October 29.

  23. sir,

    Is there any guidelines on the sizes of election paraphernalia do we have to follow?


  24. sir,
    the candidate for brgy. election can use t-shirts, cap, tarpulin & any colored picture for their campaign period?

  25. confuse secretary,the election will be push tru,,sinabi na yan ni senator gordon,nasabi niya un dahil nag ajornd na ang senate last thursday pa…tuloy na tuloy na ang election…

    taga san ka ba comfuse secretary?kung ako ikaw maghanda ka na dahil ma22loy na talaga ang election.

  26. ma’am may itatanong lang po ako… kapag po ba nadisqualified ang isang bata because of some reason eh hindi na xa pwedeng mag-file ng apila regarding don? I mean may tama po bng proseso pra ung mga nadisqualified ung kanilang application to vote for SK election eh maqualified? I need lang po some help from you people. please kindly email me at

  27. Mr. Jimenez,
    Can a loosing candidate for the barangay kagawad be appointed to either secretary or treasurer?
    And does the committee on appropiation automatically be chaired by the 1st kagawad. Or can it be assigned to a more senior kagawad althoughhe rank only 3rd during this last brgy. election? Thanks.

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