COMELEC News today

Two days after the resignation of former Chairman Benjamin S. Abalos Sr. (BSA), former Senator Francisco Tatad has opines that, since BSA has not submitted a letter of resignation to the President – and there is no record that the President has submitted such a letter of resignation – then BSA remains Chairman of the COMELEC.

In a related story, Secretary Eduardo Ermita said that no replacement for BSA would be appointed. However, there is already talk about who might be. At least one rumored replacement – Supreme Court Associate Justice Dante Tinga – has declared that he will not accept any appointment to the COMELEC. NAMFREL, on the other hand, is reportedly recommending the re-appointment of former COMELEC Chairman Christian Monsod.

The majority of other COMELEC related news refers to the upcoming Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections.  More particularly, to the question of whether or not the elections will push through on the 29th of October 2007. This question has received considerably more urgency in light of the President’s certification of the ‘postponement Bills’ as urgent. However, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita quickly clarified that the President did not ‘postpone the elections,’ as many misinterpreted the certification, but had merely emphasized the urgency of the measures.


6 Responses

  1. I would suggest a non-politician to be appointed as Chair of the commission and on the other hand a Commissioner should come from the ranks

  2. Sir James, I hope you would convince me well regarding this matter, on the gun ban exemptions, why did resolution 8298 gave special treatment to Election Officers of ARMM? Are we(non ARMM EO’s) not that important to the commission? We suffer the same fate like they do, threats to our lives and unfortunately, some of us got nailed.

  3. sorry, GIVE special treatment…

  4. EO Dexter, I’m sure the en banc has its reasons for doing it this way, primarily revolving around the conventional wisdom that other places are at less risky compared to the ARMM. However, I see you point entirely and will advocate your concern before the Commission en banc.

  5. that’s one cool idea sir James, anyway, i will bring this up with our CIC SArmiento who will be with us tomorrow for a consultative meeting..thanks and God Bless to you sir..

  6. i share the same sentiment with EO dexter sir james…. though we dont belong to the ARMM, yet our life and limb are still at risk here. May proteksiyon ka nga, d mo naman madadala

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