Election Campaign and Propaganda

First off, the full resolution is available over at inside the COMELEC. These are just the salient points.

SECTION 3. Lawful election propaganda. – Only the following campaign
propaganda shall be allowed:

(a) Handwritten or printed letters not exceeding 8 ½ inches in
width and 14 inches in length; and

(b) Posters of a size not exceeding 2 feet by 3 feet.

There will be common poster areas, not more than ten in each barangay. Candidates are allowed to post one poster in each common poster area.

SECTION 5. Transportation, foods and drinks. – It is illegal for any
person to give or accept, free of charge, directly or indirectly, transportation, food
or drinks or things of value during the five (5) hours before and after a barangay
assembly meeting or other authorized public forum, on the day preceding the
election and on election day; or to give or contribute, directly or indirectly, money
or things of value for such purpose.

As usual, cockfights, dances, lotteries and the like are prohibited forms of fund raising. Also, it must be noted that it is prohibited for any person (or organization) to solicit any sort of money or gift etc., from any candidate. This does not include (of course) church collections on Sunday, tithes, etc. The reverse is also true: candidates are prohibited from giving donations too.

SECTION 7. Limitation upon expenses of candidates. – No candidate
shall spend for his election campaign an aggregate amount exceeding Three
Pesos (P3.00) for every registered voter in the barangay where he seeks to be

Within ten days from the election, each candidate is required to file (with the Office of the Election Officer where he filed his candidacy) a statement of all contributions and expenditures. No person elected to any public office shall enter upon the duties of his
office until he has filed the statement of contributions and expenditures
herein required.

SEC. 11. Prohibition against intervention by political party, coalition of
political parties, or any other organization. – No person who files a certificate of
candidacy shall represent or allow himself to be represented as a candidate of any political party or any other organization; and no political party, political group, political committee, civic, religious, professional, or other organization or
organized group of whatever nature shall intervene in his nomination or in the
filing of his certificate of candidacy or give aid or support, directly or indirectly,
material of otherwise, favorable to or against his campaign for election: Provided, that this provision shall not apply to the members of the family of the candidate within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity nor to the personal campaign staff of the candidate in his barangay; Provided, however, That without prejudice to any liability that may be incurred, no permit to hold a public meeting shall be denied on the ground that the provisions of this paragraph may or will be violated.

Nothing in this Section, however, shall be construed as in any manner
affecting or constituting an impairment of the freedom of individuals to support or oppose a candidate for any barangay office.

Violation of this Section by any political party, group, or coalition of
political parties shall be a ground for the cancellation of its registration with the

Only barangay officials not running in the elections can convene a barangay assembly for the purpose of introducing candidates. Public forums – properly coordinated with the EO – can be held. All candidates must be given equal time to speak. the order of speaking will be determined by raffle.


8 Responses

  1. Dear Sir:


    I am one of the Mayoralty candidates during the May 14, 2007 elections.For my reference I would like to request your good office a updated computerized voters list of Tanza, Cavite.

    You can send my requested documents thru my staff’s email address at treb_salvador88@yahoo.com.
    I hope that this letter merits you favorable response and would immediately be acted upon. Thank you and God Bless.

    Sincerely yours,
    KAMPI, Chairman
    TANZA, Cavite

  2. treb, contact ur local election officer regarding the updated voters list… by now, may soft copy na cla. pwede ka ng magpa burn sa CD

  3. sir james, filing of sworn statement of cont. and expenditures is ten (10) days after election day? does this amend reso no. 8264? what about the provisions of sec. 14, RA 7166? Please clarify. thanks.

  4. kailan po kaya ipa-publish ng local election officer kung saan ang designated “common poster area?” … thanks… GOD bless po! sir JAMES! mabuhay po…

  5. i’ll try to make sure that it’s published before the end of the week.

  6. good evening sir,
    could you please send me an example of the statement of expenditure.

  7. thanks in advance

  8. Hello, good afternoon sir Mr. Oliver O Leyson. We have the same name only I have a different middle initial. I am a filipino OFW here in angola. Just wondering who you are. I never thought of anyone having the almost the same name.
    Thanks. Cheers!

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