It’s about three hours and a half before the liquor ban kicks in, so I suppose there are alot of folks out there getting a good headstart. After that, about 31 hours later, more than two hundred thousand polling places open nationwide to accept more than 48 million voters who will be choosing 1 Barangay Chairman and seven Barangay Councilmen, and more than 3 million SK voters who will be voting for 1 SK Chairman and seven SK Councilors.

In the meantime, we here at the COMELEC are stepping up preparations to handle the concerns of the public immediately pre-election, on election day, and post-election.

Pre-election jitters are in the air of course, as people wonder whether they’ve done everything they need to do; checklists are being double-checked, i’s are being dotted and t’s are getting crossed. But on balance, the COMELEC is as ready as it is possible to be when you’re talking about elections.

BTW, the Education and Information Department will be trying something new: we will be blogging election day. Not quite as deftly as MLQ3 does it, of course, but it’s an interesting concept and I hope we can pull it off. The blogging will be over at inside the COMELEC (which will be renamed eCOMELEC, with the italicized e standing for the name of the Department that runs it).


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